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Kiowa County salaries - June 2023

Kiowa County, Colorado, Courthouse in Eads. © Chris Sorensen
PURSUANT TO CRS 30-25-111, et. seq., the following is a list of salaries paid by the Kiowa County Board
of Commissioners for the month of June, 2023 as follows to-wit:
HOUSE BILL 07-1187, Salary information for all county employees and officials shall be published twice annually.
The first publication shall be in August and shall include each employee's title and gross monthly salary for the prior June.
Administrative Assistant2,732.12
Equipment Operator3,248.90
Equipment Operator3,291.67
Equipment Operator3,166.67
Road Foreman - District 33,865.33
Equipment Operator3,334.83
Road Foreman - District 13,813.33
Equipment Operator3,294.08
Deputy Sheriff4,427.45
Office Assistant1,083.33
Extension Administrative Assistant2,484.04
Emergency Mgt. Coordinator2,609.27
Deputy Sheriff451.90
Courthouse Security Officer3,365.55
Maintenance Supervisor3,466.67
Commissioner - District 12,985.41
Office Deputy2,484.04
Clerk Assistant2,484.04
Landfill Operator3,033.33
Commissioner -  District 32,985.41
Finance Officer2,594.54
Commissioner - District 23,263.29
Transit Van Driver (part-time)1,040.03
Landfill Manager3,640.00
Maintenance (part-time)390.00
Senior Citizens Coordinator500.00
Deputy Sheriff5,064.09
Clerk Deputy2,513.51
Senior Citizens Coordinator500.00
Treasurer Deputy2,484.04
Transit Van Driver (part-time)204.75
Clerk & Recorder3,839.17
Transit Van Driver (part-time)240.55
Assessor Deputy2,484.04
Extension Salaries2,945.00
District Attorney Salaries and Fringes2,218.50
HUMAN SERVICES State ShareCounty Share
Child & Adult Protection / Case Worker3,865.333,285.53579.80
Eligibility Technician3,096.982,632.43464.55
Office Manager / Child Support2,484.042,111.43372.61
Child & Adult Protection / Case Worker4,108.433,492.17616.26
Social Service Director5,477.154,655.58821.57
Total 16,177.142,854.79
Public Health office manager2,492.47
CMG Coordinator4,725.07
GRAND TOTAL$144,223.07
The countywide average percentage of salary that is paid in addition to regular wages as fringe
benefits is 36%.    Fringe benefits include medical and life insurance, retirement, unemployment
insurance, workers compensation, and employer's share of FICA.  85% of Social Services
salaries are reimbursed by federal/state to the county.  No fringes are paid on
Extension Agents by the county.  District Attorney's office fringes are paid to the office of the
District Attorney and are included in their salaries.
The above report is published under the direction of the Board of Kiowa County Commissioners. 
Christina M. Adamson, County AdministratorPublished:  09/06/2023