A New Year, a New Kiowa County Press … Almost

I wrote that headline 22 years ago, and a generation later it is once again appropriate.
As we've stated over the past two issues, this is the final print edition of the newspaper for subscribers. Your refund checks are already being processed for time remaining on your subscription.
Going forward, everything is moving to our web site, KiowaCountyPress.net, and access will be free to readers. That's right - no cost to read everything published there.
While we know this solution is not ideal for everyone, it is well past time to streamline processes and eliminate expenses associated with producing a printed product each week.
We're still making some adjustments for the revised web site, however most of this week's content has already been published as a test of the new system as I write this. Later in the month we'll start to upload electronic copies of past issues of the Press for your enjoyment.
For our customers who are required to publish legal notices, we have taken steps to remain the publication of record, including maintaining the necessary classification with the U.S. Postal Service. Official publication dates remain the same, and you will still receive all the required documentation and affidavits for your records.
Our office will remain at 1208 Maine Street, Eads, where it has been for decades, however there will be some remodeling going on during January for a new tenant occupying the front half of the building. We'll also continue doing some custom printing for now.
Behinds the scenes, we've always had to innovate to ensure the continued survival of the Press. This is the next step, and we invite you to join us at KiowaCountyPress.net to see what the future holds.