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Nomination period for FSA county committee elections opens June 15

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The nomination period for USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) county committees opens June 15. Each county office is looking for producers to serve on the local county committee. County committee elections are held annually in every county when FSA accepts nominations for a certain Local Administrative Area (LAA). The LAA up for election rotates each year. If your LAA is up for election this year, please nominate yourself or another producer to serve on your local FSA county committee.

County committees are unique to FSA and serve as a direct link between agricultural communities across the country and USDA. Committee members are a critical component of the day-to-day operations of FSA. Committees help deliver FSA farm programs at the local level and are comprised of three to 11 members who serve three-year terms. Producers who serve on committees help decide the kinds of programs their counties will offer and work to make FSA agricultural programs serve the needs of local producers.

FSA’s been across the country interviewing current committee members to spotlight their involvement in their county. While each producer has different reasons for serving on their FSA county committee, they all agree it’s important to inform their community and fellow farmers and ranchers about FSA programs and loans. If you won’t take FSA’s word on getting involved, check throughout the nomination period to hear from current county committee members from around the nation.

Information about FSA county committees is available at