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Obituary - Loyd O'Neal III

Loyd O'Neal III 
(April 9, 1984 - April 1, 2017) 

Loyd was born in San Luis Obispo, CA to Tina O'Neal & Kenneth Allen. He didn't know his birth father but at the age of 4 his mother met and eventually married Kelly Grabenstein, who he considered his dad. He had 2 stepsisters Ashley & Melisa. The family lived in California and for a bit to Texas and instilled in him a deep love of the ocean.

Loyd was always busy. He got jobs early in his teen years and even assisted in California's Forest Preservation Job Corp. When he was 19, he married early to Sandy Giddens and had 1 stepson Trent and his son Keegan. They divorced after 2 years and he decided to try going to truck driving school in Phoenix, AZ. Which is where he met Rebecca Phillips in 2006. Loyd & Becky drove across the country for a while and made our home in Lancaster, CA. Loyd was a hard worker and we eventually had to move because the fuel prices were forcing drivers out of work. He applied online to be a Corrections Officer in Burlington, CO and the company moved us out here. We settled in Goodland, KS and in April 2009 were married in Las Vegas. Then we were surprised to have our first daughter Raleigh in December 2009. Then again we had our 2nd daughter in February 2011.

Loyd was a devoted father and husband. He enrolled into NWKTC auto program and then Welding. He had a talent for welding that landed him a great job as foreman before even graduating. He supported our family well and we were even foster parents for a while.

 At 25, he began noticing odd symptoms in his hands and legs but the doctors could find nothing wrong and called it neuropathy. Loyd continued to work until he was 29 and could no longer walk without assistance. Multiple doctors appointments and tests couldn't make sense of what was happening to this healthy and vibrant man. We never found an answer. Until 1 year ago when he had to use crutches to walk,

 Loyd still was a busy person. He was always into something or trying to help someone. Becky O'Neal had gone to nursing school and many times Loyd would bring the girls to the nursing home where she worked to talk and keep the residents company. In this last year, Becky devoted herself to being with Loyd and was hired as his In home health care nurse. It wasn't easy but it was time together that won't be forgotten.

He was completely about his family and whether he was strong and healthy or not feeling well he made sure that we knew we were loved! He said it all day and made sure we were hugged and kissed before bed. He said a prayer that his boys in Oklahoma were happy and healthy. He told me that he knew he didn't have a long time on this earth but we always still made plans to grow old together. But I always think he knew and he died like he lived. He never did anything by halves! It was always spontaneous and it had to be his way. But I'm glad he did this the way he wanted.

He hated the hospitals and the tests and the long driving. He said it was a precious waste of his family time. We never did any holiday traditionally, he preferred to go somewhere and make memories. He was right! He could always make people laugh! He was rarely serious. People even gave him the nickname Shrek! He was a big man and loud. He said whatever came to mind and was tattooed everywhere. But he had a deep faith in God & to everyone that knew him, they knew he had a kind heart.

Loyd, your family misses you. Raleigh and Kami said to tell you, they love you and take care of everyone in heaven just like you took care of all of us!

He leaves behind, his parents, Kelly & Tina Grabenstein. 3 sisters, Melisa & Ashley Grabenstein and Kendra Allen. His wife, Rebecca O'Neal and 4 children. Trent Giddens 21, Keegan O'Neal 12, Raleigh O'Neal 7 & Kamden O'Neal 6. Loyd is preceded in death by 2 grandfathers and a grandmother and 1 Uncle and his birth father.

Memorial services will be held at a later date. Mr. O'Neal passed away unexpectedly at his home in Towner, CO.

Memorial contributions can be made to: The Loyd O'Neal Memorial Fund for the benefit of his children; c/o Tina Grabenstein; 310 W. 11th St.; Goodland, KS 67735