Obituary - Mary Ann Hulteen

Published Friday, January 22, 2016

Mary Ann Hulteen was born in Cleveland Ohio on May 23, 1939 to Hubert and Eleanor O'Malley. She lost her father when she was six years old. Her grandmother, Mary Weber, was her greatest example of love and support as she helped raise Mary Ann and her brother, Hubert Francis.

In 1950 Mary Ann, her brother, mother, and grandmother left their beloved family in Cleveland and moved to Miami Florida. It was while living in Miami when she was working as a car hop at a diner that she met a handsome Marine Sergeant from Kansas who was stationed at Opa-Locka Marine Base.

Mary Ann and John Alan married shortly after and in 1958 had their first child, John Arthur. Soon after, they made their permanent home when they moved to Eads Colorado to help John's dad farm. In the years to follow they had two daughters, Mary Alizabeth (Liz) and Christina Marie (Tina).

In the 70's Mary Ann lost her mother and grandmother and in 1980 her son, Johnny, died in a car accident.

A decade of loss was followed with a decade of blessing as she was overjoyed to welcome to her life her son in law Jerry Adamson and her four granddaughters Autumn Marie, Lacy J, Adrienn Alizabeth and Cory Christina. She was introduced to a new and very special love for two very special grandsons when Lacy married JD Van Campen and Autumn married John Rouse.

In the fall of 2010 Mary Ann lost John, her husband of 52 years, to cancer. Three years later, she again embraced a new role in life as Nana to her great grandchild, Wyatt Jackson Van Campen. She waited with great anticipation for the coming arrival of her great granddaughter.

Her most cherished relationships throughout the years were with her sisters-in-law, Millie O'Malley and Nancy Wright, and brother-in-law Harold Wright. Her best friend in life and her greatest source of laughter was her brother, Hubert, and they couldn't have been closer even though they were miles apart.

Her life was her family and her treasure was the many friends that she was blessed with along life's journey. The legacy she left was her great faith and her undying love for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She experienced great pleasure as she and Liz embarked on many adventures learning and sharing their faith. She enjoyed her last few years living with Jerry, Tina and her closest companion, her daughter Liz.

Her journey here ended on January 4th as she was surrounded by loved ones and as she drew her last labored breath she stepped into eternity where she was again surrounded by loved ones, never to labor again.

She leaves us countless beautiful memories and her favorite scripture, Psalms 139.