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Obituary - Robert ‘Rob’ Allen Kelley

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Rob Kelley was born in Eads May 25, 1949, to Irene and Eugene Kelley. He joined his siblings, Betty (Crow), Bobbie (Calhoun), and Gary, who would prove to be a constant presence in his life. Rob loved them and their families deeply.

He was a graduate of Eads High School, and was involved in their basketball, baseball, and football programs. From there, Rob took his love of baseball to the local arenas as an umpire. His love of sports gave him great entertainment through life as an avid spectator and supporter of the major league teams in Colorado.

Rob did a stint in the oil rigs, giving him a taste of adventure which would be unmatched. He moved to Denver to join the car business. He remained in the car industry for 42 years until he retired in 2019.

Retirement did not last long for Rob, only a few months into his retirement, he was asked to partner up and run a small car business close to his home in Lakewood.

Not long after moving to Denver, Rob met his lifetime love, Doris, who also worked in the car industry, while out dancing with friends at a local spot. They were married two months later in December of 1978. Along with the marriage came an instant daughter, Brooke, who he adopted shortly after marriage. Soon to follow, the happy family of three added another, Christopher, and a few years later completed their family with Ashleigh.

Due to a chronic case of “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out), Rob lived his life in the moment of every day. Hesitant to make a plan, so that he had the freedom to jump into whatever opportunity presented itself, he lived a full and big life. Rob loved music of all kinds and, over time, became endeared to the Gaither Homecoming Series.

Camping at Lake Nee Gronde with John and Kate Philpy and so many other dear friends established relationships and traditions that would remain near to his heart. Another place he treasured was South Fork, where Kelley-family camping began and continued for over 30 years. Family reunions are still held every year, reliving the fond memories made early on. Rob also found joy in landscaping. When he completed the projects at his home in Lakewood, he found projects to do at his children’s homes or his church that he loved.

Raised in the Methodist church, the seed of Christianity was planted and watered in Rob as a child. As life went on, Rob continued to grow in his faith and relationship with Jesus, and it showed greatly in his gift of service. He would always put himself in a place of service, whether it be caring for the church facilities, being a part of the usher or welcoming committee, or simply looking for ways to serve those who crossed his path. 

He was a large presence wherever he went. Rob knew no strangers. It was his mission to familiarize himself with everyone around him. He was always the one to have made acquaintances with everyone on the aircraft before the end of each flight. Lucky Doris.

Rob passed away February 15, 2023. He is survived by his wife; children; grandchildren, Michaela (CJ) Gerber, Madison Purser, Benjamin Kelley, Nahia Kelley, and Adalynn Kelley-Gabriel; and his great-grandsons, Brooks, Hayes, Colt, and Jonah.

We thank everyone who knew him and enriched his life. Whether you met him regularly for lunch, a sporadic cup of coffee at the Co-op, or a simple chance meeting, you made his life beautiful, and we are grateful for that.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, March 4, 2023 beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Eads United Methodist Church. Burial will follow in the Eads Cemetery.  A reception will be held at the United Methodist Church following the graveside service. 

Memorial contributions may be made to the Rob Kelley Memorial Fund in care of GN Bank, P.O. Box 847, Eads, CO 81036. The memorial funds will be used for the benefit of a Kiowa County Project.

Arrangements are under the direction of Brown Funeral Home.