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Orville Mousel honored for World War II service

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Chris Sorensen

World War II Navy veteran, centenarian, and Eads-area resident Orville Mousel was honored with a small ceremony at his home Saturday.

Representatives from the American Legion in Lamar representing the Navy, Marines, and Army, and from Lamar Area Hospice were on hand to present Mr. Mousel with a Veterans Service flag pin and plaque to recognize his service to the nation.

PICT Orville Mousel - Chris Sorensen

Orville Mouse (left) - © Chris Sorensen

Mr. Mousel is a survivor of the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where he was serving on the USS California. The ship received moderate damage from a bomb and torpedoes, though the greatest impact was from fire which disabled the ship’s electrical system. Mr. Mousel was able to swim to Ford Island in the harbor, where he remained with other members of the crew until the ship’s anti-aircraft guns could be removed.

PICT Plaque for Orville Mousel - Chris Sorensen

Plaque for Orville Mousel - © Chris Sorensen

Following the attack, Mr. Mousel was assigned to the USS McCalla, where he served for the remainder of his six-year naval career. 

At 102, Mr. Mousel, in council with is wife, Rita, made the decision to seek hospice care, stating that he is “glad to have you guys [hospice care providers] help us out,” while quickly noting, “I hope to be here for a long time.”

PICT Orville Mousel - Roland Sorensen

Orville Mousel. Courtesy Roland Sorensen

Mr. Mousel stated that he had, “lots of good experiences,” during his time in the Navy.

“In the Navy, I never heard an argument about religion. I thought it was wonderful; it didn’t matter.”