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Pets Can Get Stressed Out by Holiday Parties

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Hosting a holiday party can be stressful for the host, but sometimes more stressful for the host's pets. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Susan Nelson)


Over the next few days, lots of people will be throwing lots of parties all the way from huge blowout bashes down to small dinner parties.

Now if you have a dog or cat, either type party, and even just the extra holiday commotion and all, it can be stressful for our pets.

Kansas State University veterinarian Dr. Susan Nelson says some pets love it, others get really stressed out.

If your dog or your cat is not comfortable with strangers and other people in the house, then they should probably be shut up in a back room. Dogs maybe in their crate during the party time. That way they'll be less stressed and not in the midst of everything.

If you can't do that or you don't think it'll work, check ahead of time with your vet. There's herbal supplements that can be safe and effective for mild stress to help with that. And then for ones who really get stressed and bothered, we can even look at some prescription medications if needed over the holidays, which will relieve your pet's stress and your stress too as pet owner and party host.