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Politics: 2024Talks - May 22, 2024

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Israel's Prime Minister calls the new ICC charges unfair. Trump's lawyers found more classified documents in Mar-a-Lago, months after an FBI's search. And a new report finds election deniers are advancing to the fall election.


Welcome to 2024 Talks, where we're following our democracy in historic times.

The ratio of civilians to combatants killed is the lowest in the history of urban warfare and certainly dense urban warfare like this.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defends that nation's military, even as the UN and Gaza Health Ministry report 70 percent of those killed there are women and children.

The International Criminal Court is seeking war crime and crime against humanity arrest warrants for Netanyahu, his defense minister and several Hamas leaders.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned the court's move and said it makes ceasefire negotiations more complicated.

The extremely wrongheaded decision by the ICC prosecutor yesterday, the shameful equivalence implied between Hamas and the leadership of Israel, I think that only complicates the prospects for getting such an agreement.

It looks unlikely Congress will act, though Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's home flew an upside down flag before Joe Biden's inauguration.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is defending the scandal-plagued court, citing protests around the justices' homes.

It seems to me they're just nonstop attacks on the Supreme Court.

We need to leave the Supreme Court alone, protect them from people who went into their neighborhoods and tried to do them harm.

Newly released court records show former President Donald Trump's attorneys found additional classified documents stashed in Mar-a-Lago four months after it was searched by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Trump's campaign has deleted a video it had shared on social media, which included the terms "unified Reich," a Nazi phrase for total control of the government.

Vice President Kamala Harris says the extremist rhetoric is corrosive for America.

This kind of rhetoric is unsurprising coming from the former president and it is appalling and we gotta tell him who we are.

The nonpartisan nonprofit States United Action found that at least one election denier has gotten on the November ballot in every state that's held a congressional primary so far.

The group's survey says that in 13 states, 70 election deniers, three quarters of them incumbents, have made it to the general election.

Outspoken election denier Carrie Lake is running for Senate in Arizona and backs the conspiracy theory of mass non-citizen voting.

We've got many lawsuits running, one of them in Arizona, fighting to make sure illegals aren't voting.

We have the SAVE Act that I know Mike Johnson and President Trump have been pushing.

Finally, despite black voters' overwhelming support for Democrats, Rashaun Ray with the Brookings Institution says the numbers show they're not a monolith.

He says many stay home and discuss and about 10 percent consistently vote for Republicans, often seen as the lesser of two evils.

Because we have an overly simplistic two-party system, there are some people who would rather stay at home than vote for someone who they don't think aligns with their particular politics and their cultural values.

I'm Alex Gonzalez for Pacific Network and Public News Service.

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