Southeast Colorado Fishing Conditions – October 20, 2017

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Published Friday, October 20, 2017

Arkansas River Headwaters

The upper river is in excellent shape, and is very easy to wade. Although the fish will still come up and eat smaller dry flies on the surface, nymphing some of the deeper runs and pools is beginning to prove more effective. We have had good streamer fishing reports from the upper river at Hayden Meadows. There is no need to get started early in the morning here because the nighttime temperatures in Leadville make for cold water in the mornings, so let the day warm up before heading to the stream. Afternoon blue winged olive hatches have been impressive here lately, so be prepared. The middle river has been fishing well and the water clarity is clear. The fish are still responding to attractor dry flies imitating grasshoppers and stoneflies. Blue winged olives and midges are becoming more important as the weather cools down. At these flows, do not be afraid of tying on smaller patterns. Midges as droppers in the morning have been productive, and mayfly nymph's sizes 16 to 18 work well through the afternoons. The key is finding the right water. At these lower flows, fish are dispersed away from the shoreline throughout the riverbed, so spend more time picking apart likely lies out towards the main current and adjusting dropper depth until you find the sweet spot. 
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area


Martin Lake is fishing well for catfish. Anglers are reporting catching the catfish at night using stink bait and night crawlers. An angler recently caught a 7.5 pound catfish. Some anglers are also catching northern pike on crank baits. An angler recently caught a 30 inch northern pike. Any lure that imitates a shad or sucker bait fish has been effective recently. We have not received many reports from anglers fishing Horseshoe Lake. Some anglers reported seeing large schools of bait fish throughout the reservoir. Effective lures include Panther Martins and Kastmasters for smallmouth bass, trout, and muskie.
Lathrop State Park