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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – October 31, 2023

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Jack Johnson

I believe winter has arrived, the blue haired gnome druid from the arctic blew-in Sunday with cold temperatures and a skiff of snow. When I was growing up, the farmers and ranchers would say that the day of the first snow predicted the number of snowstorms for the winter season, may be looking forward to 29 snowstorms this winter.  I never checked the validity of their postulations, anyway it is an interesting topic.

Good Readers, election day is almost here. Do not forget to vote. It is a right guaranteed by the constitution. Off-year elections are important because the political cabal always attempts to slip one of their ballot measures pass the populace. This year, Proposition HH, if passed, would nullify the TABOR amendment over time and allow the cabal to raise taxes at their choosing. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights amendment was approved by the voters in 1992. The Democrats gained control of both chambers of the General Assembly and modified TABOR in 2005 by Referendum C. The attack to nullify TABOR has become a priority of the democratic governors and legislatures because they believe that the voters are uneducated about funding the government. 

Anti-Semitic demonstrations in this nation after the explosion at the hospital in Gaza has caused me to wonder which flag I will need to replace “Old Glory,” Hamas or Palestine? Biden’s open borders policy has enabled thousands of unvetted young men into this country and no one knows how many young men are anti-Semitic militants. With the Mexicans cartels controlling the crossing of the border, the militants would have no problem in getting weapons, ammo and supplies for an attack against their designated targets.

Good readers, it is time to raise a furor about the present administration dismissing the importance of securing the nation’s borders.