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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – December 12, 2023

© Chris Sorensen
Jack Johnson

So far, winter has been open, cold in the mornings and mild in the afternoons, have gotten some snow that stayed for a couple of days. It would be nice to have a white Christmas.

The town and the residents have put up their Christmas decorations and lights. The school is completing the end of semester wrap up with a couple of concerts, games at the Lamar Holiday Basketball Tournament.

Gary Longwell is home from the hospital and is doing good. 

Please keep Ms. Barbara Jolly in your thoughts and prayers, she had to move to assisted living at the Cheyenne Manor.

It has already started, campaigning for the 2024 presidential election has inundated the e-mail and phone text services seeking donations and asking to participate in surveys. The mainstream bobbleheads, the social media trolls, the political action groups, the bureaucrats, the candidates and the Fourth Estate have started slinging trash (opinions, no facts) to influence the election.

Good readers, this is a challenge to be debated, the ground rules are no opinions, only merits and demerits will be used to support or oppose a candidate.

Remember, every candidate has a slate of merits and demerits. For an example, demerits will be used to name the three worst presidents and merits will be used to name the best presidents.

Worst presidents are Lyndon B Johnson – career politician, initiated the divide with the Civil Rights Act, Vietnam War Policy and Immigration Reform, Barrack Obama – community activist, Affordable Care Act, abetted the growth of socialism, Joe Biden – career politician, promoting green energy and following agendas of Obama and Soros.

Best presidents are George Washington – turned down the opportunity to become a monarch because that would be against what he fought for, Ronald Reagan – stimulating the economy by changing some regulations, rebuilding the military and ending the global cold war, Donald Trump – energy independence, border security and rebuilding the military.

The six presidents listed are to stimulate interest in the election by looking at ability not personality.