What to buy for someone dealing with incontinence

What to buy for someone dealing with incontinence

Feature Staff

When it comes to handling incontinence symptoms, personal care and comfort are the top priorities. However, those afflicted shouldn’t have to struggle alone. That’s why we’re here to give some suggestions on what to buy someone living with incontinence. That way, you can give them some reprieve from the associated challenges.

Unleash confidence with the right incontinence briefs

A useful purchase to help someone maintain their dignity and confidence is a pair of high-quality incontinence briefs. These undergarments are not ordinary underwear; they offer discreet and reliable protection without compromising on style. With various styles to choose from that fit and feel like traditional undergarments, the wearer will feel secure without a loss of dignity. Just make sure you know the difference between adult diapers and pull-ups before you make a purchase. Buying these products in bulk means the recipient won’t run out anytime soon.

Light up their path with motion-activated night lights

Those with bladder issues may find they need to get up one or more times every night to use the bathroom, so motion-activated night lights can make those nighttime trips a little easier. Illuminating their path as they approach, these uniquely designed night lights provide a perfect balance of style and practicality.

Keep them comfy with waterproof and washable seat cushions

If you want to get them something that can help protect against the occasional accident, look into waterproof and washable seat cushions. These serve to save the furniture from accidental stains and come in eye-catching patterns and designs. The gift of comfort and clean seating is one to cherish.

Encourage them to sit back and relax with a cozy blanket

Nothing beats the coziness of a soft, warm, and fluffy blanket. Make it extra special by finding a blanket with interesting designs and colors that reflect their personality. A cozy blanket can become a reassuring companion during times of stress, making those dealing with incontinence feel pampered and cared for.

Assemble a travel pack

Finally, something you can buy for someone dealing with incontinence that’ll surely boost their confidence outside the home is a travel pack containing everything they may need in the event of an accident. Items to include are wipes, extra pads or protection, a change of underwear, and other supplies. Discreetly stored items inside a small duffel or shoulder bag means no one else has to know, which goes a long way toward preserving your loved one’s dignity.