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Small size farmers and specialty crop producers now have an updated online resource available to find crop insurance agents who provide both Whole Farm Revenue Protection and Micro Farm Policies.

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Participant: Rod Bain and Risk Management Agency Marcia Bunger


Over the past two years, USDA's Risk Management Agency has been educating small-sized farmers and specialty crop producers on two specific crop insurance products tailored to their operation, whole farm revenue protection and microfarm policies.

The latest efforts to connect eligible growers with local crop insurance agents offering these products involves an information resource update.

We've updated that agent locator site with a new searchable directory found at

RMA Administrator Marsha Bunger says the new update is based on input by specialty crop growers and small farmers to improve crop insurance coverage and those offering such.

To help those individuals looking for a whole farm, microfarm specialty agent, somebody that has been selling, is experienced, knowledgeable about this particular product.

I'm Rod Bain reporting for the the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C.