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Winter wheat condition ratings continue to look promising.

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Participants: Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Meteorologist Mark Brusberg.


The latest USDA crop progress report continues to support some optimism about the winter wheat crop.

USDA's chief meteorologist Mark Brussburg says yes over this past week.

Condition changed just a little bit.

They are registering 55 percent in the good to excellent category this week.

Last week they were 56.

Only a tiny change in what still looks to be a decent crop.

Again, 55 percent of that crop rated in good to excellent shape.

So we lost 1 percent in that category.

But Mark says think about this time a year ago, what was going on when only 27 percent of the winter wheat crop was rated good to excellent.

So for this year, so far, really nothing to complain about.

Meanwhile, producers are working on planting spring wheat.

They've got 7 percent of that crop in the ground, just a percent more than average for this time frame.

Gary Crawford reporting for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.