Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review - MLK's words illustrate his faith, patriotism and desire for unity

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MLK's words illustrate his faith, patriotism and desire for unity

Because he was taken from us just before my first birthday, what I know about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. comes from his speeches and writing.  His words provide a stark contrast to so many activists and politicians in today's polarized political climate.

Energy trade group pushing back against Democratic presidential candidates' climate policies

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An energy trade group based in Denver has responded to some of the comments made during Tuesday night's Democratic National Committee candidate debate about climate change policies the candidates would enact against the oil and gas industry, particularly an end to drilling on federal lands.

Tri-State to close all coal operations in Colorado and New Mexico

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The Center Square

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association announced that it will shutter all of its coal operations in an effort to transition to renewables. 

The Westminster-based Tri-State's coal-powered facilities -- a New Mexico coal-fired power plant and a Colorado coal plant and mine on the west slope along the Yampa Valley -- will shutter all operations by the end of 2020 and 2030, respectively.