Colorado Educators Invited to Apply for Free Seedling Trees 

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Published Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Colorado State Forest Service is accepting applications from all Project Learning Tree-trained educators to receive free seedling trees from its Fort Collins nursery. Interested teachers may request seedlings for planting projects on public or private land, or as awards to students for events and contests. 

The purpose of the Free Seedlings for Teachers Program is to encourage Colorado teachers to utilize PLT activities while promoting student involvement in tree planting and forest health projects. 

"By utilizing our Project Learning Tree program, educators receive relevant professional development, and can then put their PLT certification to work by engaging students in an environmental education activity or planting project," said Shawna Crocker, PLT coordinator for the Colorado State Forest Service. "There is no better time than now to learn how dependent we are on the ecosystem services trees and forests provide, and to become caretakers of our natural resources." 

Teachers may request up to 200 seedling trees from the CSFS Nursery, which will be delivered in time for 2016 spring or fall plantings. CSFS foresters are available to offer awardees advice on species selection, planting methods and long-term tree care. 

Successful applicants must have attended a PLT workshop in the past five years, or must attend a workshop in 2016. Applicants also must agree to promote the proposed planting projects throughout their school districts and community. 

Upcoming PLT workshops are listed online at the Colorado PLT website; the workshop attendance requirement also may be satisfied by completing PLT's new online workshop. 

Completed online applications must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. March 15. 

For additional information, to submit an application or to register for a PLT workshop, go to