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​Colorado Secretary of State unveils new voter web site

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With the pivotal 2020 elections right around the corner, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has announced a new web address for the Colorado Secretary of State’s online voter resources, The site will serve as the most trusted source for information for Colorado voters, including online voter registration.

“Now more than ever, voters deserve to be confident that they have access to secure and accurate election information,” said Secretary Griswold. “Not only is this resource helping Coloradans register to vote and access important information, voters can be assured that this resource is trustworthy and secure.”

The addition of the .gov domain, which only government agencies may use, signifies to voters that information is coming directly from the Secretary of State’s office and can be trusted, demonstrating the Secretary’s commitment to making sure Colorado voters can access election-related resources online at a trusted and secure location.

Voters can register to vote, update their voter registration, change their party affiliation, and find other crucial information at Organizations that direct Coloradans to these resources should use

The new web address comes in tandem with the #TrustedInfo2020 initiative launched by the National Association of Secretaries of State last month, reminding voters to rely on their local Election Officials for the most accurate election information., the Secretary of State’s previous online election information page address will now automatically direct visitors to the new site.