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2023 Kiowa County Fair Livestock Show and Sale Wrap Up

Sunset over the Kiowa County, Colorado, fairgrounds northeast of Eads. Chris Sorensen
Tearle Lessenden, Kiowa County CSU Extension Agent

The Kiowa County Fair and Rodeo has come to an end for 2023. This is a relief to many, including myself, as it has been an extremely busy summer for me and Kiowa County Extension 4-H. 

The ending of this great week filled with watching all the events visiting with old friends and making new ones, I would like to thank all that made it possible. Many of these people are not in the forefront of the activities that provide entertainment for us every year. There are too many to name and I don’t want to miss any, so if you helped sometime during the fair, please know that it wouldn’t be possible without your help and thank you for being willing to make a difference. 

The Kiowa County Livestock Show and Sale was a great experience for the youth of our county. I will always be proud of our county’s youth that sign up for any project because it is very time-consuming and can be expensive also. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication from the youth, parents, and leaders to complete these educational projects.  I was very proud to see young first year members strive to understand the requirements and succeed by meeting their goals. Thanks to the older and more experienced youth helping the younger ones with their projects, and seeing these youth improve the skills that have helped make them successful. 

  • Round Robin Showmanship, Champion Senior, Kara Wilson. 
  • Reserve Champion Senior, Stockton Mitchek. 
  • Champion Intermediate, Aubrey Mitchek. 
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate, Carmen McPherson.
  • Champion Junior, Tinley Lawrence. 
  • Reserve Champion Junior, Piper Uhland. 

Floor Plan Buyers, 

  • Market Beef Jimmy Brown $1.92 per lbs., 
  • Swine Brandon Ferris $.60 per lbs. 
  • Sheep Eric Ellenberger $2.00 per lbs., 
  • Goat Eads FFA $2.60 per lbs. 

Grand Champion Market Steer Stockton Mitchek,

  • $3500 GN Bank &Colorado Mills, Floor $2,309.76, Total $5,809.76 

Reserve Champion Market Steer Anthony Paez,

  • $3400 Eads Consumer Supply, Floor $2,430.72, Total $5,830.72.

Grand Champion Market Swine Madison McDowell, 

  • $2000 GN Bank, Floor $155.4, Total $2,155.40

Reserve Champion Market Swine Aubrey Mitchek, 

  • $1800 La Junta Mill and Elevator, Floor $133.80, Total $1933.80

Grand Champion Poultry Selena Fehr, 

  • $850 Will Bremlyn

Grand Champion Rabbit Ellie Scott, 

  • $650 GN Bank 

Reserve Champion Rabbit Tinley Lawrence, 

  • $800 Eastern Slope Rural Telephone

Grand Champion Market Sheep Katerine Trosper, 

  • $1900 Bill Trosper, Floor $220, Total $2,120

Reserve Champion Market Sheep Alesssndra Paez, 

  • $1750 Ellenberger Farms, $220, Total $1,970

Grand Champion Market Goat Kara Wilson, 

  • $2,100 Weskan Grain & Colorado Pacific Rail, Floor $195, Total $2,295

Reserve Champion Market Goat Brentley Leining, 

  • $2,000 GN Bank, Floor $208, Total $2,208  

I want to give a huge Thank you to the great sponsors and buyers that make it possible for our youth to afford to present their projects for review.