5 Things To Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter

5 Things To Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter

Feature Staff

Electric scooters make for a fun and efficient way to get around town for rides for most age groups. While many may assume that shopping for one of these scooters is quick and simple, there are several things to consider when buying an electric scooter. Keep reading this guide for the must-know information, so you purchase the ideal electric scooter for your preferences.

Evaluate Safety Features

One of the first areas to inspect are brakes and other safety features. For example, can you bring the e-scooter to a halt with a handbrake, or is it a footbrake near the rear wheel? It would help if you also read through the product information to determine what weather conditions and terrain the electric scooter won’t work in. Some e-scooters may not have a design that’s safe to ride during winter months, while you can ride others in nearly every type of terrain.

Speed Options

Top speed is the next area to consider before purchasing an e-scooter. Some electric scooters only go up to 15 mph, while others can reach 40 mph! However, if you buy a scooter that travels at higher speeds, you’ll need to investigate speed laws in your area; there may be speed limits for your electric scooter.

Maintenance Requirement

Think of your e-scooter as a vehicle. You need to know how to clean your electric scooter and note other maintenance areas. You should also note how often and how long your scooter needs to charge, so the battery doesn’t die while you’re on it. Many experts also recommend:

  • Lubricating wheels and bearings
  • Safety-checking brakes before rides
  • Consistently inspecting cables

By inspecting your e-scooter before riding it, you’re more likely to spot any possible problems, which helps lengthen your electric scooter's life.


As far as weight goes, there are two things to consider: weight limits and scooter weight. As you read through the product description of your e-scooter options, note the scooter weight limit. Although this number can vary, it’s usually around 220 lbs., which often depends on how powerful the motor is.

Weight also pertains to the overall weight of the e-scooter. Do you need to lift the scooter, or will you ride it around and park it? Larger motors often add weight to the scooter, but so do bigger batteries and more durable frames.

Personal Use Preferences

The final area you need to consider is how you want to use the e-scooter. Decide whether you’ll ride it in your free time or use it to get around town. Some people living in cities ride their electric scooters to work, and these individuals often buy a scooter with stronger motors.

If you’ll use the e-scooter like a car or motorcycle to get around, it’s best to buy one with additional riding options for more versatility so you can always travel to where you need to go.