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About Town – February 27, 2023

Doris Lessenden

Remember, friends, there is always hope.

Despite the coldness last Wednesday at noon, there was a good turnout of Eads senior citizens at the center, where they enjoyed a variety of lasagnas prepared by Gail Voss, plus delicious side dishes and desserts. Pastor Barton, who likes the come the center to visit and help serve, brought containers of some of those delicious foods to me and my house guest that the ladies packed for us. President Sylvia Weeks reminds senior citizens that the brunch will be March 2 at 10:00 a.m. at the center in Eads, and the noon dinner will be March 15, where Gail plans to cook corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. It takes about 10 hours to prepare this meal. I do remember that this meal is very good. More people are going the center two Tuesday evenings per month to play cards. I hear that it is a fun night out. Also, more people are doing the “chair exercises” one to three times per week. Check in with Gail, Joyce Berry, or Betty Kay Clark about which time might be good for you to exercise..

We are so thankful for the people who have been so generous to help furnish or pay for needed items at the senior center. Jerry Richie bought a new snow blower, which is also helpful to move off too much ice salt. Esther McCoin gave us crock pots and other fine needed kitchen tools. A number of men have been generous the help pay for main dish meats. We work together and enjoy one another. There are other ways people can share their talents, cooking skills, cleaning, and decorating. One may check in with Gail in Eads. In Haswell, Brenda Smith is the new senior director. She is from the “younger set,” and has been working and may not as acquainted with what has been happening in Haswell. I know people will support and help Brenda too. She is a delight.

Lately, I have been discovering that sometimes when people move on to another the job, the new employee has not always been informed about the job expectations. This is unfortunate for many people, however, it is good that at the county level, there is a guidebook of expectations. How helpful.

This is the time of the year when high school wrestling programs are winding down, and middle school wrestling matches are in full force. Basketball is in regional playoff games this week, and the remainder of teams will be playing in Colorado state playoffs, mostly near Loveland for our size of school.

Here are the names of the Eads fifth and sixth grade girls basketball team who won the league tournament by defeating three teams: Presley McLoud, Carmen McPherson, Reese Barnett, Emma Wollert, Itzi Ramirez, Audrey Mirtheck, Emma Hollis, and Brystal Bletzacker. Just look at that future potential!

Here is a listing of third and fourth grade boys Little Eagles team, who won the championship by defeating three schools: William Ramos Jr., Madox Hough, Quinn Brittan, Will Barnett, Jax Cordova, Canyon Brown, Braxton Ferris, Kyton Gooden, Luke Barnett, Gage Gibbs, Tavyn Kraft, Liam Eder, Miles Frey, and Brentley McCracken. When you watch their exuberance at high school ball games, it is exciting to think of what their future could be for their growth and the community’s enjoyment. They are polite little boys too.

Family and friends of young Landyn Weeks of the Wiley School were rejoicing last week since, after about four years of battling cancer, they rang the bell at Children’s Hospital in Denver to announce that his body is cancer-free. They also rang bells at the Wiley and Eads schools, and his grandmother, Sylvia (Tim) Weeks, rang a bell at the Eads Methodist Church February 19. Landyn’s other grandparents of Eads, Allen and Marie Watts and extended families, have all been supportive and helpful during all the many trips and hospitalizations to and from Denver.

“Count your blessings, name them one by one.”

Another sorrow of this dear family is that L. D. Nelson died February 20. Our sympathy is extended the his wife, Phyllis, and children, Kendra, Marie, and Darwin and their families.

The life of Rob A. Kelley of Lakewood will be celebrated March 4 at the Eads Methodist Church at 1:00 p.m. with a reception following the service. Rob loved his hometown of Eads, and was always so supportive of events here and the people. He was well loved!

The Eads girls high school basketball team won fourth in the league tournament in Lamar last Saturday.

March 10 will be a big day at the Eads NAPA store, where people can celebrate the new ownership and management of Preston and Kelly Courkamp. His parents, John and Debi Courkamp of Wiley, have been business people here for years. Come to lunch to celebrate their retirement as well as employee, Kip Peck.

Family and friends are invited to a reception for Jerry Weirich, who is retiring from the Kinder Morgan Company (CIG). The celebration will be March 11 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Eads Senior Citizen Center.

Paul and Glenda Stoker, Colby Stoker, and Virgil and Wanda Lessenden returned to Haswell and Arlington from a trip the visit Blake and Kodie Stoker and infant son, Stetson Jett, in Kentucky.