PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

About Town – May 1, 2023

Doris Lessenden

“A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words makes tempers flare.”

Proverbs 15:1

Eads and Kit Carson schools had their proms Saturday night. The photos I have seen show their decorations were lovely. The young ladies were so pretty in their gowns, and the young men were very handsome, too! Their parents must have been so proud! In Eads ,the prom was held in the senior citizen center where Director Gail Voss said the juniors and adults found ways to decorate beautifully without putting nails in the walls, and they did a great job of cleaning up. The Plains Theatre was completely packed with onlookers of all ages to see the young ladies in gorgeous gowns and the young men mostly in tuxedos. From our “balcony” spot, most gowns appeared to be total glittering sequins, but Alice Glover, who had a front row seat, said the shiny beads were somehow woven into the fabric. The colors were varied blues, reds, burgundy, and black. The Senior Royalty Court was Queen Samantha Courkamp and King Connor Wollert, Teagan Ferris, Brianna Habernik, and Piper Sorter. Young men were J. B. Brown, Brooks Jones, and Brenden Reifenschinder. The young crown bearers were Miranda Keplar and Hudson Uhland. Special complements go the sponsors, Dawn James and Denice Nelson, and the many parents who volunteered the make this a special night of good memories for our youth, and also for those who helped with the after prom party.

A highlight of last week was the Southeast Colorado Power Association annual meeting and dinner, which is hosted in Eads every four years. The dinner was prepared by Prairie Queen 4-H Leaders Gloria and Tim Trosper and Krystal Eikenberg, assisted by several parents. We delighted in watching very young 4-He members and teenagers serve the salads, plates of beef dinner, and desserts. Donald Oswald, Kiowa County Commissioner, gave a welcome to the guests who came from Baca, Prowers, Bent, Otero, Crowley, and Kiowa counties. Our district is 3, and Brad Buck, who is our elected representative, spoke to the audience. Household members in attendance who are a member of the co-op received a huge insulated tote bag with other gifts inside. I do need that rain gauge, and the nice key ring made by a disabled veteran. It was nice to see the seniors who received scholarships, and hear the two students who won a fabulous trip to Washington D.C. We heard Lindsy Hodges from Walsh and Alysa Hancock from Rocky Ford tell us about the many sites and learning experiences that meant so much to them. Several local individuals won large sums of money, including $500 to the Eads Methodist Church, which Areta Blooding-Laird received. Also at our table, Terri Ellis won a leaf blower. There were lots of happy people. It was a pleasure for me the meet again after about 60 years a lady who was a former 4-H member from Otero County, Dorothy Delong. Her grandson is married to Tiffany Gooden Muth. He is a coach at Cheyenne Wells, and orders a Kiowa County newspaper for her, which she just loves to read. The SECPA leaders told us that this had been a good year financially for the electricity department of the co-op, and also the SECOM (internet). Next year the annual meeting will be in La Junta.

On our trip to Pueblo, we saw the new “open” flag waving outside the new K & S Garage and filling station in Haswell. At Galatea, it is amazing how much cement and wood trash is piled up where an elevator is to be constructed.

For several years, we have seen photos of Reese Barnett of Eads, who is now 12 years old, playing on city golf courses in youth tournaments. I look forward to the time when we can see her play on television.

It was so good to be able the visit at both elder homes last week. I do urge more people the take time to visit people the Extended Care Unit at Weisbrod Hospital, and at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Community. They are eager the visit and to know “what is the news?” A group opportunity would be to attend the Hospital Week carnival and free barbecue May 12 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on the Weisbrod patio. Or make a reservation to attend the Mother’s Day Tea at the Prairie Pines May 14.

Congratulations the Shellie Spell Englehardt, who recently achieved a certificate from studies in emergency management from FEMA. She has been working in this type of job for several years in Kiowa County, and is doing a good job.

Eads senior citizens will have their monthly brunch this Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the center. It is a good time to dine and visit with friends. Come, try us out. If you don’t prepare foods, you can donate when you sign in near the coat rack that Darryl Stolzenberger welded for us.

The rain we have received is a blessing for our whole county.

The students participating in baseball and track and field events are doing outstandingly well. It is exciting the read the stats and see photos of their winning ways.

Many readers so admire the writings of GL Harkness. My niece, Dreama, sent me his January 6 story. My favorite fourth grade teacher, Lois Sibcy, would be so impressed too.

To whomever arranged for the very beautiful red and pink rose “Happy Birthday, Miss Less” message to be printed in the Kiowa County Press, I do thank you! It blesses my heart. I like those colors and the message. I am so grateful and joyful the have lived this many years. God is so good to me.