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About Town – May 23, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Be careful of how you act, these are difficult days.” Ephesians 4:14

Last week, a long black tour bus pulled away from the Cobblestone Inn in Eads with the local folks that Wanda and Virgil Lessenden had arranged for the spring trip across the nation to Ohio, where their most interesting site was the massive Noah’s Ark. I saw a photo of Debbie Lening and her mother, Marteal Johnson, in a wheelchair at the base of a hill with the Ark in the back ground. I did not know the Ark was so huge. It was built to the specifications detailed in the Bible. Alice Glover was glad to have a visit from her granddaughter, Chevaun (Glover) Hammer, and husband, Josh, and two little children, who live near Cincinnati, Ohio.

May 18, Eads High School students were honored at the annual Academic and Athletic Awards dinner. I was pleased to see that most of the young men wore shirts and ties and the girls looked so attractive in pretty dresses. I tried to write names down of most of the major awards. Since I did not have access to a program, I apologize if I didn’t hear some awards, but I feel this is a very worthy program to honor our young people. We have good and wholesome students in our school. These boys and girls are treasures to their parents, our teachers, and the community. Here are some awards mentioned by educators or coaches. The Colorado High School Activity Association sent certificates to these students who participated in three different sports this year: Ty Wilson, Rhealie Rittgers, Cade McDowell, A.J. Vasquez, Magdalen Hasse, Samantha Courkamp, Brently Lening, Madison McDowell, Kaiden Dunlap, Porter Spady, Stockton Mitchek, Alexandra Paez, Arron Musgrave, Case Nelson, Colin Nelson, Katherine Trosper, and Spenser Uhland. Alexandra Paez is playing on the Lamar soccer team at the state tournament.

The National Honor Society inducted two new members, Katie Johnson and Breanna Wilson, into the society. Current members are Rhealie Rittgers, Ross Brown, A.J. Vasquez, Piper Sorter, and Maggie Hasse.

Mrs. Dawn James explained that Lamar Community College courses that Ross Brown, Rhealie Rittgers and Cade McDowell did well, with Cade completing 40 credit hours, which is amazing!

The new Student Council Officers with Mrs. Mary Vasquez were installed President—A.J. Vasquez, Vice President—Brently Lening, Secretary—Breanna Wilson, and Reporter-- Kara Wilson.

The following awards were mostly chosen by the faculty and/or application: Principal’s Leadership Award - Rhealie Rittgers, All-Around Student Plaque - Cade McDowell, -Daughters of the American Revolution Award - Rhealie Rittgers, Zonta Girl Leadership Award - Rhealie Rittgers, Colorado University Leadership and Scholarship Award - Maggie Haase, Hugh O’Brian Leadership Award - Breanna Wilson, and National Science Award to Maggie Hasse and Piper Sorter.

Mrs. Denise Nelson stated that her Future Business Leaders of America students had competed very well and won many awards in completions. Senior Ross Brown will compete in Chicago at Nationals.

Basketball Coach Weston Meardon listed awards to Most Improved player -Kaiden Dunlap, Mr. Defensive - Stockton Mitchek, Best Game - Ty Wilson, Senior Leader - Cade McDowell, and Anchor Spirit-Leader - Porter Spady.

Track Coach Stephanie Bohlander spoke glowingly about the track athletes headed for state: Runner - Rhealie Rittgers, Discus - Kyra Sheridan, Runner - Stockton Michek, and for three events—Maggie Hasse.

At state track in Denver, Rhealie and Stockton completed their events on Thursday afternoon and then the snow hit Friday and Saturday. At the time of this writing, the hope is that Maggie can compete late Saturday in hurdles, long jump, and pole bending, and Kyra Sunday so that the senior trip bus can pick her up in Denver for their adventure before graduation May 28.

The Eads Wednesday senior lunch was great with those delicious chicken fried steaks that Gail Voss breaded and fried for the monthly noon meal. It was served with potluck foods brought by the diners. President Sylvia Weeks chaired the meeting and then she and Tim left for Colorado Springs for her to have a series of serious operations Friday, from which she is recovering now. Kayla Murdock delivered a campaign speech for Sheriff. There will be no senior functions the week of June 6-10 since the center will be in use.

What a joy it was to have Barb Seay and Mike Arth come to Eads from Colorado Springs for a visit and noon lunch with some of their friends. Mike has always been such a good helper-fixer man for me, so I was glad for his help Tuesday.

Weisbrod Hospital interim CEO Jeannette Filpi sent out her weekly newsletter, which is always so interesting and informative. I printed her 18 pages of photos and contest winners for National Hospital Week at Weisbrod. Mrs. Charlene Gifford’s third grader students surely had a terrific time there for the balloon lift and playing Bingo and other games.

The Junior and Wendy McDowell families and the Robert and Jacqueline Rittgers and some extended family members had a wonderful time the weekend of May 17 when their son, Trey McDowell, and daughter, Hadlie Rittgers, gradated with their Bachelor’s Degrees from Adams State University in Alamosa. Hadlie also earned her master’s degree. Congratulations to these fine university students and their supportive parents.

Jennifer (Rittgers) Schofield was happy that her daughter, Stacie, graduated as Salutatorian of Kit Carson High School, and her son, Jonah, passed his Pharmacy Technician test a week ago.