About Town – November 2, 2020

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Monday, November 2, 2020
by Doris Lessenden

"God has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

For 29 years, Jimmy and Amanda Brown have been inviting and hosting the Down East Boys, a Southern Gospel Quartet, to perform concerts in Eads. These powerful singers have brought immense pleasure and inspiration to the people of this county and a number of people from surrounding communities. Their most recent concert was October 18 at the Praise Community Church, where there were many people from Lamar who came also. Among them was Lawyer-Judge Stan Brinkley, who explained how the inspiration came to him to produce the bright yellow signs readers may see around the community with the question: "Do You Know the Way? Doyouknowtheway.net." They also had CD recordings and faith t-shirts for sale. While the quartet was here, Jimmy Brown recorded another CD. I am surely glad because his last CD may be "wearing out" since I play it so much. Jimmy's soothing piano music is so peaceful and uplifting.

Our community offers our sincere sympathy to the children and families of Carol (Jacobs) Barnard, who died in her home last week west of Eads. Her grandsons, Nick, Travis, and Freddie, sons of Sherry Turner, graduated from Eads High School. Jim and Carol lived the earlier part of their family life near Fowler.

Deer hunting season has bought many hunters to this county. It is especially noticeable when one is at one of the five eating places in Eads and around gas service stations. These places are bustling with people clad in bright orange or chartreuse hunting colors. Some really beautiful photos of deer have been posted on social media. One of the most striking was the head of a large deer with amazing wide antlers looking out of a rust red milo field taken by LaDawn Britten north of Haswell.

Last week was the virtual National Convention of the Future Farmers of America. Unfortunately, in all these years, this is the first time the chapters across the nation could not send members by bus, rail, or air to this awesome convention experience. FFA has been such a wonderful organization for many students of our school and other schools. When I see those nice welded FFA signs outside of Eads and Haswell, I always think, thankfully of Ginger (Larrew) McPherson, who designed and welded those. I remember that she and Jessica (Borns) Weeks delivered some of the most meaningful and emotional parting speeches of an FFA President that I have ever heard. Miss Tia Konig, Eads FFA instructor and guide of the present FFA, continues to grow in knowledge and service to the community.

Franci (Stavely) Cain of Elbert visits her brothers in Haswell when she comes to visit her mother, Elda, who lives in a valley elder home. Last Sunday, morning, worshipers at the Haswell United Methodist Church were glad that she walked up the street to attend church services. They were really pleased also because she played the piano for the hymn singing.

The names of the Eads cheerleaders are Crystal, Mollie, Amber, Casey, Piper, and Rachel. Their cheer coach is Ms. Alicia James, who has had several years of experience as a cheerleader at Eads High School and is an educator now at Eads Schools.

Sadly for the children, because of COVID-19, they couldn't wear costumes to school Thursday. They knew earlier that they could not have a parade of costumes at the Weisbrod Nursing Home and stores because of the state rules. However, most of the employees at Weisbrod did do very professional make-up a costuming to entertain the residents. This is a good thing, because the employees have been so isolated for seven months. They were isolated because they try to protect the residents, each other, and any potential patients. Most of the employees have not gone to gatherings and public places because they don't want to bring back the virus to the facility and clinic. We do appreciate their sacrifices for the welfare of the community.

The Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center has published a list of movies compiled for October through November 29. Each night there is a new movie. Since it is a "watch party," the movie admission is free. November 13, 14, and 15, I would like to see all three musicals. It is very helpful to keep the theatre financed when people go to buy popcorn, ice cream or drinks from the Maine Scoop, even if they don't go to the movie. I have seen a number of adults run in to buy a bucket of buttered popcorn. The FBLA chapter has been instrumental in searching a list of movies and other innovative ideas, such as more planning for the "Merry on Maine" festival. Readers, we need to relax, enjoy life, and not be filled with fear. Let's live joyfully and healthily.

The Hometown Gas and Grill was bustling at noon Friday because many Eagle fans were preparing to leave for the trip west to Cotapaxi, where the Eads team was to play football since their game with Kit Carson was cancelled due to too many injuries on the KC team.

Bryce Batterton has studied at Borger Texas College and Otero Junior College and has his degree. He is a local rancher now. Congratulations, "Cowboy Pete!"

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