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About Town – November 9, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. I Thessalonians 5:18

It seems that many people think about being thankful more at this time of the year. However, I find myself daily praying thanks to God every day that I live in America where we can live in a pleasant small town and that we have water, tissue paper, tin foil, and all those luxuries. How about you, Dear Reader? Let’s all be more grateful and kinder to others and for the blessings we do enjoy every day.

The Eads senior citizens had some new visitors last week. Don McDaniel introduced Rod Walter, who is buying his home. Mr. Walter formerly had a home in Kit Carson. Don is planning to move into Prairie Pines. We assured him that it is such a nice place to be, with good food and fellowship. He said he was impressed with how nice the rooms are. He is such a dear man and he will be a blessing to the other residents. We who used to go to the 2:00 p.m. coffee hour at the Pines will be glad when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and we can again go every Friday to visit with the residents as we enjoy beverages and desserts. Mona Walker was a guest of Donna Owens also. 

Our communities extend our sympathy to Shannon (White) Gibbs and her husband, Casey, and children of Haswell following the sudden death of her father, Scott White (Trudy) of Sterling. Scott died of a sudden heart attack. He is the son of Marilyn White of Hugo, formerly of Kit Carson, where she and Norman raised their family, Scott, Perry, and Melody Mitchell. As Lee Brown of Texas now, told me years ago following the death of their teenage daughter, “Life is fragile, Miss Less.”

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last week and was glad to have the team of Mollie Kelley and Rhealie Rittgers attend to tell us more about their plans for the “Merry on Maine” project. It is an outdoor event on Maine Street December 12. Music, food, free movies in the Plains Theatre all day sounds so exciting. Families are encouraged to circle their calendars for 11:00 a.m. when Santa comes to town on the railroad. He will have gift sacks and will be available to take photos with him near the evergreen tree at the park. These vivacious young women brought the rubric they designed for judging the house decoration contest and the flyers to ask for suggestions of the adults. President Dennis Pearson announced that the firefighters are going to have their traditional chili supper December 1 at the fire station. Santa will be there for photos by the fire truck. The Chamber members also discussed the contests of home decorations and how the Future Business Leaders of America members are willing to help decorate the outside of businesses.

Last Friday was the final home league football game in Eads where they played the Cheyenne Wells Tigers. We like to hear the Eagle team sing a lively chant as they run onto the field.

Even more activity has been going on around the new Sand Creek National Park Service building in Eads. It has been many years of negotiations, planning, and building. Next week I hope to tell you about their open house November 10.

Another important happening in Kiowa County that I always enjoy is being invited to the annual Veteran’s dinner that is scheduled for Wednesday night. So, I will report on that next week. In the meantime, please acknowledge any men or women who are veterans whom you may be honored to associate with. I hope you take time to say “thank you” to them for their service and sacrifices. A group of ladies in the county have a marvelous surprise for a group of veterans from a certain era.

Recently it was National Adoption Day. I read a heart-touching writing by Autumn (Adamson) Rouse on how much she and her husband, John Rouse, are thankful to mothers who give their children for adoption. Now Autumn and John have four little ones all about the very same age. They are awesome to watch. Some of us wonder “how do they do it?” Well, they waited a long time and now they know the joy of having a family. 

Robin Musgrave and I had such a wonderful time at The Treasure Shop on Highway 287 in Eads last Friday. Cindy McLoud has redecorated her shop with Christmas trees, ornaments, handmade toys and dolls, wreaths, and oh, so many items. Besides her mother, Joyce’s, fresh potted plants, she has all those nice t-shirts and many handmade items by some of her friends from Wiley, Haswell, and Lamar.

We were impressed with the fine organization of the drive-by flu shots out at the fairgrounds. A person could answer some paperwork questions by Andrea Morgan of the county Public Health Agency and some lovely nurses, then we drove a few yards, offered our arm, got a shot, and then drove away. What a great service. That is another blessing of COVID-19, as well as home deliveries from some local stores!

The Haswell community seems to have more fun with their trick or treating traditions. Family fun is so important.

Be thankful and live joyfully.