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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Monday, March 28, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Did you know that there are three things the human brain cannot help noticing: food, attractive people, and danger" shared by J. T. Jacobs

Five Kiowa County ministers, Claire Cassell, Galen Burrnett, Delbert Beard, Russell Parker, and Tony Jensen, hosted Good Friday Candlelight Service at the Christian Church Friday.  Musicians, soloists were Margie Beard, Alicia James, Mary Eikner, and Sylvia Weeks performed resurrection songs before the worshipers left the church in reflective silence.

June Blooding's five daughters and spouses, Micki and Les Faulkin, Mary and Whit Eikner, Areta and Terry Laird, Shaleta and Jerry Voss, and Sylvia and Tim Weeks and many relatives and friends gathered at the Prairie Pines Saturday.  It was a grand party place celebrate June's 90th Birthday and to visit, look at displays of photos and the lovely silver tiered cake made by June's granddaughter, Katie Bost.  Marty Miller was on hand to take photos and the Giant Easter Bunny (Avery Snover) came to add flavor to the party.

I drove to Kit Carson Saturday afternoon also to Glaida Craven's 90th Birthday Party at the Historic Pool Hall that was decorated by Swedish flags (blue with a gold cross) and fresh flowers.  Glaida is such a popular lady that people flocked to the Saloon from many states and communities.  Her daughters, Jaryl and Richard Richman and Mary and Doug Wilke, greeted Glaida's guests and also served wonderful authentic Swedish foods that Doug and Mary had made: Almond bread with Loganberry preserves, Apple Swedish cake, meat balls, and beverages.  

When I returned I parked by the Court House Park in Eads to watch Kim Crow Richards, Betsy Barnett, Scotty Englehardt, Jeni Weber, and Raelynn Riley scattering hundreds of eggs for the Hunt by age groups.  Even though it was breezy and cold there were a number of little ones with parents having fun at the park.  Raelynn had arranged for them to select free books given by the Library, numerous prizes from local businesses and movie passes and coupons from the Plains Theatre and Ice Cream Shoppe.  Mary Vasquez said that a 100 went to the Matinee, "ZooTopia."

Rick and Koy Glover spent a week in Iowa recently to be with their daughter, Chelsea and husband, Skylar Higgins for the birth of baby, Finley Kincaid.  Sisters, Kayetlyn and Aubriella welcome him to their home. Great grandmothers in Eads, Alive Glover and Donna Heddles, are happy for the family also.

Kevin and Angela Koch and children, Rowdy and Ashlee, spent time in Florida recently with his parents, Vernon (Beatle) and Sharon, and of course some time at the beach.

Kip Peck who is a helpful employee at the local NAPA store also spends some days this spring on baseball fields as a certified CHSAA umpire.   Tim Weeks is a certified CHSAA Track judge who has been doing this job for several years.  

Eleven Eads and Wiley youth went on a four day Mission Trip to Denver with seven adults.  Those from Eads were Chase Stolzenberger, Aiden Michael, and JaNae Voss and Ms Gail Voss.  They worked really hard in homeless shelters by preparing and serving foods, cleaned out apartments of people who had died, spent time in a day care for people with brain trauma issues.  Gail said it was a surprising, exhausting cultural experience for the kids and the adults.

The Weisbrod Hospital staff and a large number of local volunteers hosted a two day Health Fair in the Eads Elementary School for 300 or more people who came from many communities. People could take advantage of a number of health tests of which were FREE as well as the samples, brochures and visits with health professionals.  The Eads Education Association had the popular place to buy breakfast burritos, pastries, and fruit cups for their fundraiser, their "Future Teacher Scholarship."  The Mobile Nurses from Pueblo's Parkview Hospital always are a hit at the Health Fair.  This year they wore retro attire.  White uniforms with a white nurse cap which they told me they wore when they graduated as nurses I think in the 70's.  Terri Tibbs and Jan Philson's educational theme this year is "Stay Alive, Call 911 Don't Drive" in regard to heart attacks.  Their bookmarks and leaflets tell about the many symptoms of a possible heart attack.

John and Deby Courkamp and Preston and Kelly Courkamp and the NAPA Automotive and Hardware Store served a nice free lunch on their Customer Appreciation day last Friday.    We went in the back door to sit at the table and visit with customers.  One man remarked, "They serve the best brownies and juicy burgers ever!"   Out front there were some classic cars on display.  Some I remember seeing people walking around looking at them were:  Cardon Berry, Rick Morgan, Whit Eikner, Ken Bergman, Nick Plitz, Bill and Charlotte Woelk, Phil and Madonna Pollreis, Harvey and Kathy Shade.

The Eads Track team will complete in Lamar, Saturday, April 2, for the Field and Track Meet.  Their coaches are Trey Eder and Stephanie Bohlander.

The Eads Baseball Team is top ranked in Colorado.  It is a co-op team with six boys from Kit Carson who Mike Crawford transports to Eads in a school bus for practices.  It was great to watch three home games while listening to KLMR sports announcers, Ethan Denton and Dick Peecher.

Thursday morning workers and volunteers were scurrying around to help Teri Castle

take some Weisbrod ECU residents on an outing to Lamar and to have lunch and shop.

Earlier in the month I watched some happy Prairie Pines ladies as they took off to Lamar with Linda Watts and Teri Salisbury for a Lamar outing.

Flag man, Bud (Dixie) Bennett and I left for Kit Carson at 5:15 a.m. Sunday for sunrise

Service.  It is dark then but as we returned to our pews after Communion, the sun blazed through the East windows!  When we returned to their home on Maine, I noticed that Bud had set out five flags before we left. In Eads we saw that all four churches were still having breakfasts or worship services.  We are blessed to have the religious freedom this year that we do have.   That is a political statement so if you listen to the Washington D. C. news you will understand what I mean.

Marsha Mousel, Pam Mousel, and Brent and Kent Stoker of Aurora, Bennett, and Pueblo came to the Eads Health Fair.  I saw them in Kit Carson at the Craven Birthday reception too. Lots of people came from Haswell and the East End towns to the Health Fair.  It is a good place to reconnect with friends and meet new friends too.

This week and in April Crow Luther will have lots of shows at the Plains Theatre.  This week:  Thursday the 31st one can see "Leonardo Da Vinci: Genius of Melan and on Saturday, April 2nd at 1:00 p.m. is the Met opera: Madama Butterfly".  The featured movie is "Allegiant" on April 1, 2, and 3rd.  Next week, it will be "Batman vs Superman" for three nights.   April 15th is the Annual Meeting, the Meal, and the "Wrangler's Western Concert" for $10.00.  So on April 16 and 17th will be the highly advertised faith based movie: "God's not Dead".