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Doris Lessenden

Revelation 3:20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in.” Warner Sallman painted a lovely picture of Jesus knocking at a door. There was no door handle. It has been said that this is an example that Jesus doesn’t push his way into your heart. One needs to open the door of his or her own heart to Him. One has a choice.

Because of the news deadline for me, I will tell you, Readers, more about the Maine Street Bash in Eads next week. I must be there early, and I surely don’t want to miss any of those fun games and wonderful music and foods. I want to savor the atmosphere and watch the children’s games, and the teens and they stroll around in groups, and visiting with parents and the “older” crowd who like to bring chairs and watch the happenings. This is planned by the Crow Luther Cultural Events Center Board under the leadership of Betsy Barnett. Terry Riley and Connie Shotton have sought more supporters to help pay for expenses and the Denver band. 

Margaret Frazee was the “life of the party” at the nine o’clock coffee hour and her 94thbirthday party July 26 attired in her peach-pink ensemble and exquisite pearls. A group of friends came at two and were waiting for her sons, Forrest and Denny, who thought the party started at 2:30 p.m. so the gathering started with a more festive flair when they arrived with flowers and packages.

Linda (Adamson) and Rod Hopkins hosted a back-yard picnic for Adamson families to visit with their sister, Alma (Adamson) Buchanan of Manhattan, Kansas, who was visiting in Eads last week. The Adamson family is large so what a good time that must have been. Linda and Alma were surprised and pleased to visit with my sister, Virgyln, when they met in a Manhattan store last year.

Gilbert Brown has been in the hospital again, but his spirits are good. He has been so eager to get back to his Chivington ranch. Since some men who make it their mission to build ramps for people came to his home and built him a ramp, this will make his life much safer -- that is as long as he stays off that tractor and horse. The men are associated with the Lamar Christian Church. What a blessing for families! That is what we humans should do more of: “to show love in actions and not just words.”

When Robin Musgrave and I visited three ladies in the Bent Country Health Care Center, we took bowls of roses to Jane Borns formerly of Kit Carson, and Charlotte Cook formerly, of Eads and Murvine Steiner, formerly of Kit Carson. They were all three are doing quite well and were delighted to see company in Las Animas.

That evening, we went to see the live stage play, “My Fair Lady,” in the La Junta Picketwire Theatre which was a wonderful time to enjoy marvelous music and see lovely fashions and hear orchestra music. When I complimented George Larsen, who was an outstanding singer/actor, and said my name and town, he responded with, “Eads - Philomene Liesen.” Our dear Philomene did and has left such a musical legacy with her students in Eads, Rocky Ford, and Wiley.

Bob Schecter took good photos of Trevor Randel and Trey McDowell of Eads who played in the Colorado State 6-Man All-Star Football game June 2 in Hugo. These young men were power-house players and leaders for the Eads Eagle football team last year. We wish them well as they leave for colleges this month.

During the VALE Board (Victims Assistance/Law Enforcement) meeting were heard interesting facts about law enforcement which makes one respect and esteem our local men who serve to protect and advise us. Sheriff Casey Sheridan spoke highly of Lauren Spady, who has worked on Fridays during school and this summer to help them digitize old records, as well as some office work and supervising the climbing wall as they take it to other towns. We were reminded of our former Eads 2007 student and homecoming queen, Bethany Kerfoot, who now is a policewoman in Colorado Springs. I recently saw her on a ride-a-long television interview and speaking on the street. Isn’t it exciting to see the important jobs that many of our students accomplish? 

A larger congregation attended worship service at the Haswell United Methodist Church July 22. Part of the service was for the Baptism of Sloan Ophelia Sagner, whose parents are Maurice and Dally (Lessenden) Sagner. The baby’s baptismal sponsors were John Ellis and Teri Nelson.

We extend our sympathy to Jim Lafferty and family of Wild Horse after the death of their wife and mother, Billie.

Registration for new students occurred July 31, and the teachers and staff will be working in Eads Monday and Tuesday, August 6 and 7, with the first day of school August 8!

Supporters of 4-H students are invited to the fashion show, food auction and viewing of the projects at the Community Building in Eads Monday, August 6, at 6:00 p.m.