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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

The Kiowa County Fair Theme is:  "From Far & Wide, Show Your Kiowa County Pride"   submitted by Shawn Roberson.  Floats for the Kiowa County Fair Parade are judged in regard to this theme on Saturday, September 10th.

Don Jones called last week to share that he and Darlene (Fox) celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary with their 54 descendants at the State Farm Park in Bloomingdale, Illinois.  Isn't that wonderful for a handsome couple who graduated from Eads High in l948?  He also wanted to be sure that his friends around Eads knew that he was not the Rev. Don Jones who Hillary Clinton referred to in her speech, the man she spoke of lives in Pennsylvania.

A number of members of the EHS Class of l960 were in town for three days where most all the classmates stayed in the Cobblestone Inn.  They enjoyed the hospitality of the meals, beverages, and space to visit.  Cardon and Joyce Berry transported lots of pizzas from the Cinnamon Jo Pizza Shop on Friday to the Cobble Stone meeting room.

Many classmates played the games in the Horseshoe Park on Maine Street, went to Jackson's Pond, the Movies, and had ice cream from the Maine Scoop, and meals at J J's Ranch House.  Linda Graham Heil is an officer who keeps things moving smoothly for everyone.

Chamber of Commerce meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at noon are so interesting.  Plans and supplies are being ordered for the annual County Fair Breakfast.

Our need as usual is for men and women or youth to come to help prepare and serve the morning breakfasts on Thursday and Friday.  Jan Richards of KCEDF stated that a company is going to construct six apartments with one being handicapped on Lowell Street.  Jan sold another plot of land in Kiowa Estates.  The buyer intends to take residence in early fall.

Welcome to Kourtney Richards who has moved back to Eads from Idaho where she worked as a nurse in a large hospital.  She has returned to working at Weisbrod Hospital.  Her two sons and daughter are looking forward to starting school in Eads.   They enjoy times with their grandmother, Karen Krueger, and great grandmother, Hazel Krueger.

Our community extends their sympathy to the families of Steve Young and Dale Adamson of Eads.  Steve came to Eads from Alaska after his military service and was our "telephone" man for many years.  Dale Adamson passed last week also.  Dale's large extended family and friends gathered for a celebration of his life at the Community Building last Saturday.  Dale's wife, Linda, plans to move near one of her daughters in the future.  Dale was always so helpful to Linda in her Scensy Candle business.

Sharon Frazee, Eads Seniors Citizens Director, prepared a delectable Brunch for many guests last Thursday.  We really liked her strawberry cream cheese appetizer rolls, and the pumpkin French toast, and an egg-spinach-bacon casserole.   It was nice to have several out-of -town guests were: Glaida Craven, Virgyln Griswould, Marsha Mousel, and Pam Mousel.

Wednesdays and Fridays are special days for those citizens who order the Senior Meals on Wheels from Sage Services. Areta Laird is the Director who takes the requests for the Meals on Wheels from Sage Services.  The meals are delivered by wonderful volunteers: Valorie Briggs, Irene Harmon, Madonna Pollreis, Realynn Riley, and Dawna Weirich.  Thank you, Ladies!

My cousin, Grace Peterson Paige of McAllen, Texas (91) and my cousin, Don Peterson,(93), of Dodge City, Kansas were brought to Colorado to visit the Lessenden families by Grace's sons, Dan, of Missouri and Mike, from Oklahoma.  They had a grand time out at the Griswould Reunion for the evening dinner where they also celebrated Floyd Griswould's 80th birthday at the Brad and Dreama (Griswould) Buck farm.

My friend, Robin Musgrave, brought me a Premium Book for the Kiowa County Fair when she went into the Post Office for me.  It is only one month until the Fair on September 7th to l1th.  I encourage to readers to be preparing your exhibits.  You can help yourselves and the secretary, Karen, if you have a computer by entering your exhibit items on line at:  http://kiowa-county.fairentry.com.   

Travis Lessenden works in the oil exploration industry way east of Greeley, so he talked to me on his "blue tooth" one night last week as he drove home to their home above Loveland in the mountains.   It is a long drive everyday, but I have been telling people for years, if you have a job...you better work (fight) to keep it!  His parents, Dwight and Bonnie, went to Taos, New Mexico, last week-end to see their little granddaughter, Eve, perform in a musical stage play.

Again, I want to thank our Sheriff Casey Sheridan and four deputies who "take care" of us and work with us and their Office Deputy, Debi Derby.  AND "Thank You" to Eunice Weber who heads up and is the teacher of the county EMT's and Ambulance Drivers.  We are so blessed in this county to have these good people who give of their time for our safety.  It takes a lot of study and training and a willing heart to help other people.  Also Thank you, to Teresa Witte who is in charge of the county's Emergency Services.

Mary Vasquez told us that she and Charlie prepared more food than usual; but they quickly sold out of the Sunday Chicken Fried Steak, potatoes and gravy.  I was among several people who were too late.  Next time I will call Charlie's number to reserve a meal.  I like to see people sitting out under the trees by the Theatre to eat their meals or ice cream.  The ice cream is superb!

Sunday Carl and Anna Randel hosted Thailand missionaries, Zane and Jan Stoddard, who spoke at the Praise Community Church.  The Stoddards were in Eads about four weeks while Jan was a Physical Therapist at Weisbrod three years ago during their furlough from Thailand.  Their main out reach is to remote villages and young girls.

Teachers have been in workshop sessions and the First Day of School is this week, August 11th!    The Pre-School children will begin classes on August 15th.   Drivers about town need to have more awareness about 4:00 to 4:25 p.m. because more students are walking home or to Crows or at the HealthMart for treats or parents are shopping around that time.