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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" Matthew 5:10.  This verse reflects the "Ben Hur" movie we saw at the Plains Theatre this week-end.  It was brutal and yet tender in places as the story line was at the time of Jesus' crucifixion. 

The wonderful Kiowa County Fair has passed by with all those various events that the Fair Board and volunteers work so hard and devote such long hours to arrange.  The better parts to me is to see and visit with the people, even though I miss the Ferris Wheel and gypsies in my childhood memories, but I know that finances just can't make that a reality now.  The exhibits in the hall were beautifully displayed and for the first time in my experience since the l950's people could write comments to drop in a pretty box and the volunteers could fill out a survey.  I admired how the new CSU Extension Office Secretary Karen Jones teamed with Emergency Officer Teresa Witte to arrange and work together in the exhibit hall with the people.  Those ladies had good team work.

The Kit Carson Troup's Melodrama two performances were terrific hits.  There was nearly at full house at 8:00 p.m.!   We hope they come back next year.   The CLCEC Group also sponsored at two hour concert of local talent and the Gary West Band from Nashville Tennessee.  This band was one of the best we have ever had.   Charlie and Mary Vasquez's foods and ice cream were great too.  The local talent: from Eads. Jamie and Elise Crocket and his daughter, Echo, from Colorado Springs and Eads senior Rhett Uhland, sophomore, Jared Weeks of Kit Carson sang and accompanied each other on guitars and drums.  Brittany Gonzales an LCC nursing student from Granada and Mykayla Krentz a sophomore from Wiley sang solos and also sang with Jared. 

Tuesday when I was at Prairie Pines, Delores Rector was leaving for the Burlington Hospital to see her twin brother, Tom Price, who had had a stroke.  They were hoping that he would be well enough to sing for his California sister's Memorial service this Saturday, the 17th.  Then last Saturday, Delores fell and broke her hip....so you can understand these families need our prayers.

Gene Parker, a former EHS student has passed.  His relatives from Colorado and elsewhere traveled to Garden City, Kansas, for his funeral.  We extend our sympathy to Gene's wife, the former Donna Watts and son Curtis' family.

It is so good to see Sharon Frazee home.  She will begin a series of chemotherapy sessions, but she says she is well and she looks well too.  The plan is to have the monthly noon basket dinner at noon, Wednesday, September 21st.                                                                               .      Jan Jan Richards of the KCED Foundation informed the Eads Chamber of Commerce that she has received sizable donation from the Colorado Pork Council and this week a big check from the Tri Oaks Food Company which has nine or more hog farm sites in this county.  This money will help buy bacon for the breakfasts.  Chamber President Dennis Pearson stated that Colorado Mills at Lamar made a big donation of cooking oil for the two breakfasts.  This sunflower oil company is very generous to our FFA and 4-H.  One can buy those pretty tall bottles of oil at Crows Stop and Shop also.   Thanks to Saffer Spray Service, Richards Well Calibration, and Eads NAPA who shared the cost of having the green chili made.  The Chamber also thanks Phil Pollreis for playing and singing during the Breakfasts.

The EHS Class of 1966 spent happy hours over two to three days visiting.  Their base was at the Cobblestone Inn and they had a nice gathering at Duane and Brenda (Addington) Stoker's home.  I always liked how exuberant they were!  And they still are lively 50 years later!  Wow, what memories they gave to the community and their teachers.  They even were crunched together on a long trailer to be in the parade and rode around two times!

Do circle your calendars now for the September 9, 2017 All School Reunion.

There were other reunions during the county fair...some I observed or saw were among these families:  Uhland cousins, Lessenden cousins, Peterson girls, Jimmy Bendorf and his girls, Jacobs cousins, the four Durrett sisters, three Wissel sisters, four of the Blooding sisters, Clyde and Elsie Buck's children,   The Hollis brothers were here and those loveable Ritchie brothers on their red motor bikes.  The Kliesen kids had a picnic at the park and many other families frequented the fair as exhibitors and volunteers.  Rob Kelley of Denver marveled at how good it was to visit with Zelda Peterson who he said must be in her 90's.  She is and more....smiling.

The parade was even longer with so many stunning colorful "vintage" autos and pick-ups plus the various models of fire trucks.  There was a very large "Car Show" arranged by A. J. McCracken and Bonnie Morgan.  Men and women spent hours in the south parking lot looking over those beautiful autos.

Raelynn Riley and Areta Laird, Fair Board members worked hard to arrange for the rides, activities and exhibits.  It was good to see that if a person fell off the bucking bull that they fell into a well cushioned circular pit place.  Raelynn said,  "I even got Joyce Berry to get up on the bull."  I didn't believe her, but she had a photo to prove it.  What a woman!

Huge Thanks goes to other Board members: Tearle Lessenden- President, Bobby Sinka, -Vice President, Nancy Walker-Secretary and Treasurer, and other Board members Scotty Englehardt, Bart Michael, Jay Stum, and Jeni Weber were often seen rushing around the grounds.  We do thank them and the Board of County Commissoners: Cindy McLoud, Donald Oswald, and Richard Scott for planning such an outstanding county fair for 2016.   They begin again in October to evaluate and plan duties for next year.  

The new name of the soon-to open CO-OP store is  "Hometown Gas and Grill".  That is good isn't it?  They have been moving furniture and merchandise into the new building on Highway 287 and Wansted.

YAY....EADS EAGLE Volleyball and Football games are HERE with Cheraw this Friday.  Also volleyball Fans can see the Lady Eagles in action in Holly this Thursday afternoon