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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, June 3, 2017
PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

Ira Stamphill..... ' I've got a mansion just over the hill top, in that bright land where we'll never grow old; And some day yonder we will never more wander, but walk on streets that are purest gold." It is comforting for me and Carla Gifford when we remember that our dear friend, Glaida Belle (Peterson) Craven of Kit Carson has passed to Heaven, and that both of sets of our parents are having a joyful time together in that bright land. Glaida's services were held at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kit Carson Monday, June 5th.

The Annual Dinner Meeting of the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation was the highlight of this week to many of us. The Director, Jan Richards planned the event in the newly painted court house room with Jennifer Schofield's JJ staff served a delicious beef-potato-meal served by Stacy Schofield, Kyra Sheridan, Debra Hall Becky Rittgers, and Lindsey Todd. Two new businesses were featured. Manager Barbara Wilson-Scranton and her husband, Jeff, told about how they have grown their business of repairing cell phones thus the name :"Back From the Dead Gadget Repair LLC "  Jeff works for the County and has also become a certified repairman who works at night in their home. The other business is owned by Miss Lindsey Seybold who is a certified Equine Gestalt method coach therapist north of Chivington. People of all ages who are dealing with all kinds of fears, disabilities, and other infirmities can make appointments to have Miss Seybolf work with them while riding horses. This was followed by viewing one of the two Promotional Videos about Kiowa County by Priscilla Waggoner. The action photos of many places and sights in this county were really great and made one think, "I am so proud to live in this county!" I presented the "Volunteer of the Year" award to Eunice Matthews Weber for her 14 years of recruiting and training numerous men and women to be EMT's in this county and enhancing the Ambulance Department. This lady has worked for the Hospital District for 20 or more years as a C.N.A. and Home Health. She still works when needed there and is currently employed some nights and week-ends at Prairie Pines. Some of her "Ambulance family" Avery Snover, Andrea Morgan, Teresa Witte, and Bob Woods were on hand to applaud this deserving lady.  Chamber President, Dennis Pearson, read the biography of the Citizen of the Year, Roger Saffer. Mr. Saffer was so surprised!  He is worthy because of his service on several important boards, like the Eastern Slopes Rural Telephone Association, The Las Animas Bank, KCEDF, FFA Alumni and other groups. Roger has been very generous with his financial donations, support of the Eads schools, the Baptist Church, Cobble Stone Inn, and other groups in the town. KCEDF President Mike Lening read the nomination for the Business of the Year which was the DW (Deines-Woelk) Trash Removal of Eastern Kiowa County and Prowers County.  Garold Deines and Zelpha (Woelk) Deines were on hand to receive the Chamber plaque. Garold told about how their business was started and is growing. His partner is Joel Woelk and they alternate driving the trash removal truck on week-ends.  What was so heartwarming was to watch and hear KCEDF Board member Jerry Weber from his hospital room in Denver as he complemented and extolled the DW Trash Removal.  

Although Jan Richards has had some mysterious health afflictions this year, she has done amazing and massive amounts of work and often times mentions her thanks to her granddaughter, Jami Lane Kraft for her secretarial and footwork.  Jami helped type and compile the thick summary booklet. There is only one lot left to sell since Jan has sold so many. Now the Board is contemplating to plat and sell more lots around Jackson's Pond. These lots come with electricity and water lines, and the board is having natural gas lines installed. Jan Richards, urged men and women to work with groups for the promotion of our lakes for recreation.  She stated that for years Cardon Berry has worked to get a permanent pool. Now after the drought years, it is time to work with groups for a permanent solution.

The only two ladies live in the village of Arlington, Colorado; Dr. Cathryn Anderson and Michelle (Barnes) Wyckoff. I saw them both in Eads Tuesday while they were here to work on two different boards each (Hospital and Library, and County Zoning board and church board) respectively. Thanks to these two good women for giving of their time for the benefit of others.

Pansy Mosher Foxworthy celebrated her 101st birthday Thursday with friends and her son Dee (Gloria) of Parker and on Friday and Saturday three of her granddaughters were here from Kansas City Missouri.  The flagman, Bud Bennett, on Maine Street flew a special "Happy Birthday" flag for Pansy Foxworthy June 1st.

Bud and Dixie (Weber) Bennett have been flying some "Tree City" flags given to him by Town Manager Van Brown.  Bud tells me that travelers and local folk often stop to ask him about his flags. 

Friday, several of us went to the Weisbrod ECU to celebrate with Emma Briggs on her 89th birthday. The staff is good to come to help serve the cake and ice cream.  We enjoyed looking at the photos Teri Castle posted of the residents who rode on the trailer out to Jackson's Pond last week to go fishing.

Another new business is Charlie's Kitchen which will be open on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for lunch from the CLCEC commercial kitchen on Maine Street.

Many nights a week there are lights at one or both the baseball fields where baseball and softball games are being played. This week there are three movies and three matinees, basketball camps, weigh-ins of livestock for FFA and 4-H, a baby shower, birthday parties, swimming and other events. Contractor Milton Watts is overseeing the stuccoing around the two new window store fronts owned next to the Theatre and across the street in the former Plains Network (Computer) store there is almost round the clock work on the future coffee shop and exercise place that is opening soon by Chelsea and Kevin Davis.

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