PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

“Your attitude can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It can take you to levels you never thought possible or it can be the single most limiting element in your life.  Billy Cox shared by Coach Erik Melgosa.

    Thirty six (36) Eads High School students and their advisor, Mr. Will Nelson, hosted their annual Dinner and Farmhand Worker Dinner Friday evening for nearly 250 people.

Volunteer men and young Alex Hishinuma fried meat and potatoes out-doors while members and guest brought side dishes.  These handsome and attractive young men and women were “bought” by relatives, local people and businesses like Colorado Mills, Burlington Livestock Sales, Saffer Spray Service, and others.  Mr. Nelson and the students appreciate the generosity of the buyers for their major fundraiser to help sponsor scholarships and trips for the students.   The students also sold some fine welded items they had made in shop like tall mobile shop tables and metal fire pots.   I was pleased to be able to buy a hat rack made of horse shoes and railroad nails made by Reagan Lane.

   Congratulations to Alyssa Hadley and Trey Eder who will be married in March.  Their wedding shower is Sunday afternoon, March 6th at the Baptist Church.

   Loretta Seibel flew over to the Island of Hawaii to spend a couple weeks with friends who took her on tour of the islands.  She reports having had a splendid time there.

    Eboni Nash, who attends Hastings College in Nebraska, was in Tennessee recently to compete in the NAIA Track Nationals.  Her specialties are Shot Put and Weight Thow.  Her mother, Teresa reports that Eboni has done very well and is majoring in Psychology and Ministry.

   Rhonda Uhland is a remarkable sports writer and photographer.  We have appreciated her fine reporting of the Eads Football and Wrestling teams.   Athletes and families and fans, do thank Rhonda for all her efforts.

    Micah Crawford had a severe leg injury so her skills were missed on the basketball floor the last four games.  However she and other Eads Eagle fans are most glad that the Lady Eagles will be playing in the Regional Play-off this week-end in Colorado Springs. The Lady Eagles will play Antonito at 5:20 pm on Friday.  The winner of this game will play Kit Carson at 4:20 p.m. on Saturday.  The winner will gain a berth in the State Tournament in Loveland March 11th and 12th.

   The Fair Board will be making some possible revisions to the Exhibit Book soon.  If people have some suggestions for newer type categories, please do tell or call Realynn Riley, Areta Laird, or me, Doris Lessenden.

    Gary and Thada Hart wrote that they are going to tour Viet Nam and Thailand this month.  They send their greetings to friends in this county.

    Jan Richards of the KCEDF is working with people in this community and other counties who are trying to establish Day Care centers.  Tristen Sheridan has agreed to be the chairperson.  People who are interested in this opportunity are welcome to come to an information meeting on Tuesday, March 15th at noon at the Cobble Stone Inn.

    On a Saturday recently, I saw many kinds of wood and metal “things” scattered around the Court House lawn.  When I inquired about if it was training of Ambulance or Emergency Crews, I found out that our Sheriff’s Department Deputies were testing and excising their agility abilities.  That is good to know that they care to do extensive training to care for us.

    The CLCEC, Crow Luther group, will be selling 225 tickets for the Annual meeting on April 15th.  There will be a meal and terrific entertainment.  The Bar D Wranglers, a highly recognized western singing group of Colorado Springs, is coming to Eads.

   Mike Crain and Tom Phillips are to be commended for the great job they do in maintaining the Community Building.  The floors are so shiny, the spaces are newly painted, and the kitchen is much improved.  We, the Chamber of Commerce, really noticed the improvement when we went out to cook for the Snow Goose Festival Breakfast.

     Daniel “Boone” Weirich broke his personal best record at the University Track and Field meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico of 17.27 meters.  Most every week-end he and his parents travel to meets around the country with his Colorado State University –Fort Collins teammates.  His parents, John and Dawna, have seen a lot of the country the last three years.

   Monday, Mrs. Kayla McLoud was welcomed back to the Pre-school since their teacher was on maternity leave. 

   The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be March 8th according to Faculty Sponsor, Kelly Courkamp.

    Mrs. Dawn James let the Weisbrod Chapel service Sunday to represent the Christian Church, since Pastor Beard and his wife were in Oklahoma helping their son and family relocate near the Air Force Base.  Delbert and Margie plan to move to Oklahoma this summer to be near this family.   People around town are sad to lose the Beard family.  He is an EMT and Ambulance driver as well as a Para Teacher and Bus driver at school and an outstanding Pastor in our community at the First Christian Church.

    A reminder that March 16, Wednesday at noon, is the Senior Citizen lunch at the Haswell and the Eads Center.  People over age 55 are most welcome to attend.  The custom is to bring a dessert or side dish.

  The week of March 14 to 18 will be Spring Break so there may be youth available to do “odd jobs, yard jobs, and other help to citizens about town.

   Again, I want to encourage people who have unused dwellings to think about renovating them because there is a need for housing around Eads and Haswell