The Best Places for Kid-Friendly Activities in Colorado

The Best Places for Kid-Friendly Activities in Colorado

Feature Staff

Like summer, fall is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the effortless beauty of Colorado. Whether you hike through the mountains and admire the fall foliage or explore town parks that offer fall festivals, autumn is the perfect opportunity to get your kids outside and to enjoy the bright atmosphere of our fine state. Below we’ve listed a few of the best places for kid-friendly activities in Colorado—from adventure centers to dude ranches, so many areas in Colorado are ideal for children.

Go on a Gold Mine Tour


To truly immerse your family in the history of Colorado, go on a gold mine tour—kids love them! Mine tours are like real-life time machines that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll get to learn about the era that shaped Colorado’s past and strike it rich at the same time! Tons of different mines are sprinkled all around the state, but one of our favorites is in the heart of Galena Mountain at the Old Hundred Gold Mine. Children five years old and up will love it!

Check Out Mountain Village Adventure Activity Center


One of the most beautiful ski resort towns in Colorado, Telluride has an enchanting small-town atmosphere, but it’s also home to activities and ski slopes like those you might find in Breckenridge. Telluride has tons of kid-friendly activities, and one of our favorites is the Adventure Activity Center. From ice skating in the winter to rope courses to bungee trampolines, the center offers tons of activities for the kids to choose from.

Stay at a Dude Ranch


If you want your kids to fall in love with various types of natural beauty in Colorado, head out to a dude ranch. Your kids will be not only thrust into beautiful landscapes, but also up close to graceful animals. Durango is home to one of our favorite dude ranches, the Majestic Dude Ranch—it’s like an activity-packed summer camp. The kids will leave with an absolute appreciation for nature and animals.

Wander Maroon Bells


If your children love walks and mountain views, hikes are always a wonderful choice for a kid-friendly activity. There are tons of places throughout the state you could go to wander, from the Rocky Mountains to backyard trails, but we love Maroon Bells for its kid-friendly trails, flower fields, and calm lakes. It’s only open until November, so get in your strolling now!

Explore the North Pole


Why would you go to the North Pole in the fall? Well, Santa’s Workshop in Cascade is open September through December, except for most Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The park has kiddie rides, family rides, infant-friendly rides, gift shops, and so much more. It’s been open for 60 years, so you and the kids are sure to have a fun time no matter when you go!

These are just a few of the best places for kid-friendly activities in Colorado. As long as you show excitement no matter what you do, your kids will love the quality time spent with you. Just get outside, and you’ll find something to enjoy together!