Birthdays & Anniversaries

PROMO 660 x 440 - Community Kiowa County Birthdays and Anniversaries



January 18


Rick Harris

Jessica Lane

Austen Gonzales


January 19


Lacy Law

Stacy Uhland

Roger DeGroot

Troy McCormick

Margaret Richardson


January 20


Denise Beaman

Whitley Crow

Samuel Hirsh

Bethany Popejoy

Brantley Andrew McCracken

Ryan Trosper

Clara Harland

Emily Nelson

Lauretta Brown


January 21


Caleb Foster

Zoe Engstrom

Briana Kent

German Zamarripa

Forrest Frazee

Lawanda Allee

Trevor Carney

Scott Wilson

Amber Kopasz


January 22


Jamie Bayer

Chase Stolzenberger

Lindsay Sheridan


January 23


Irene Crosby

Brison Crow

Kay Hollis

Brenda Robertson

Skyler Weeks

Zemery Analeece Weber

Layton Hopkins


January 24


Kaylee Wilson

Elijah Harkness

Martin Stum

Drew Koch

Joann Sorensen

Hudson Cole Uhland

Delisa Weeks

Pam Cole




January 18


Mr. & Mrs. Gail Crawford


January 20


Mr. & Mrs. Leo Max Specht 

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Morgan




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