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Card of Thanks - Kiowa County Social Services


The Kiowa County Department of Social Services and the Eads Salvation Army unit would like to thank everyone that so generously donated time, money, and gifts to the 2020 Annual Christmas Drive that made Christmas a little brighter for numerous Kiowa County needy families. 

Special thanks go to DSS staff members Kimberly Briggs, Erica Bellomy, Jaylin Spady and Audrey Johnson for their hard work and dedication because without them, the Christmas drive would not have been possible.  

Thanks also to the following for their generosity:

  • Kiowa County Commissioners
  • Tina Adamson
  • Eads Chamber of Commerce
  • Kiowa County Press
  • GNBank & Employees
  • Eads High School FFA& FBLA
  • Eastern Slope Telephone
  • Andrea Morgan
  • Bill & Linda Trosper
  • Susan Greenfield
  • Jeff Campbell
  • Lane & Debbie Gooden
  • Richards’ Well Calibrations
  • Vinton & Mary Engelhardt
  • Alexandru Savu
  • Elaine Lindholm
  • Eunice Weber
  • Rick & Kim Harris
  • Cardon & Joyce Berry
  • Pete Koch
  • Bill & Linda Trosper
  • Praise Community Church
  • Roger & Loraine Saffer
  • All who selected tags from the giving trees 

Thank you!

Dennis Pearson, Director
Kiowa County DSS