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About Town – February 1, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“Love is patient, love is kind, love never fails.” I Corinthians 13:4

Watching Eads Eagle basketball ball games can be done by streaming now, or in person. Since a limited number of people can go in the gymnasium, the Crow-Luther Current Events Center will be opening the Plains Theatre on game nights. It will be free, and fans can buy treats from the concession bar. Or they can watch on their home computer or on their phones. Another good opportunity is that Jennifer Rittgers has installed a big screen at JJ’s Restaurant for fans to watch ball games. Wow - this is the best of several worlds. Plus, on some nights when KLMR broadcasts the games, we can enjoy the games on the radio. Eagle players are Hatch Nelson, Damien Barnes, Joe Haase, Dante Sierra, Brandon Lening, Cade McDowell, A. J. Vasquez, Ty Wilson, Bo Arnold, Brentley Lening, and Porter Spady. The Lady Eagles won 52-28 over Flagler. There was no boys game.

Relatives of Eads wrestlers, who co-op with the County Line Rivals, traveled to Atwood, Kansas, last Friday to watch their team, and Saturday morning, they watched them at the Eads tri-meet. Eads wrestlers are Brenden Reifscheinder, Keenan Smith, Will Elam. Zach Fowler and Chase Stolzenberger are out for a while with injuries. Aiden Michael and Ty Michael, formerly of Eads, are on the team from Wiley.

The two-day soft snow left incredibly beautiful sights in the full moonlight. The rising sunlight through long icicles was stunning and breathtaking. Even though there was such beauty around us, there were dangerous roads. Sheriff Casey Sheridan posted three photos of three overturned trucks between north and south of Eads in the county.

It is always a pleasure to read that our former students have responsible jobs and volunteer in the communities where they live. One such man, Jeremy Gaynor, is the Mayor of Kit Carson. He was a member of the Eads High School class of 1996.

The Eads senior citizens will have their monthly Sage Meal in the center Wednesday, February 3, at noon. Seniors are encouraged to call Areta Laird if they wish to order a meal. The brunch will be February 4 at 10:00 a.m. and do circle your calendars for the monthly noon basket lunch and meeting for February 17. We will have a meeting with the county commissioners February 11 at a yet to be announced time. Areta showed Ron Walther, a new volunteer, where to drive to distribute Sage Meals to homes last week. He was so kind, he asked for a broom to sweep the snow off my van! I surely do appreciate his kindness!

Hadlie Rittgers, a sophomore at Adams State, wrote a thought-provoking essay on “Church and State.” She supported her statements with scriptures to verify her thoughts on how God wants us to react to government and officials. She showed impressive spiritual maturity. Then I remembered she has listened to the preaching of some fine Eads pastors, Mark Imel, Delbert Beard, and Alvin Clamp plus, of course, she has wise parents.

The extension office sent the message that a number of 4-H families have not used their voucher yet for a meal at JJ’s Restaurant, so the time has been extended to February 15. This is to reward the youth for their work since they didn’t get to have an achievement banquet. I do hope the parents will take time for their children to receive their reward.

Dear readers, it may be only 13 days or less till Valentine’s Day. Spouses, remember that is a “big deal” to your loved ones no matter how old you are. Boys and girls of all ages enjoy some special recognition or treat no matter how big or small. In our town, I have seen pretty displays or goodies and foods at Crow’s Stop and Shop. In the HealthMart, I saw Kathy McCracken setting of pretty displays of candies, toys, and cards. At Cindy McCloud’s Treasure Shop, I saw lovely Valentine mug cups filled with candies in tall cellophane gift wrap, plants, and other treasures. I have already made my order with Glenda Stoker for blocks of several kinds of homemade fudge and sugar cookies. Remember take time for your loved ones and friends. Maybe write a card or a poem. It will be appreciated, and no doubt you will be even more loved!

One of the best messages that people could go away from Keith Uhland’s funeral message by Pastor Mark Imel was “time.” He related it to Ecclesiastes 3 in the Bible where is says there is a “time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant…” Pastor Imel pointed out that Keith’s legacy was how much time he gave to time with his family members of all ages.

Nadine Gaynor has return to work in the USDA Service Center in Eads. Her services are needed again for the agriculture community.

The Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary will meet at 11:00 a.m. at JJ’s Restaurant Tuesday, February 9. Visitors are welcome.

A celebration of life for Dr. John Hines will be from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. April 24 at the Limon Tamarack Golf Club House.

The Commissioners commend citizens for bringing in cardboard to recycled. Over 68,000 pounds has been baled. Please leave plastics of #1, #2, and #5 in the proper containers to be baled.

Remember to help others daily.