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Colorado school closures extended to April 30

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Derek Draplin | The Center Square

Colorado Governor Jared Polis on Wednesday said school closures in the state would be extended until April 30.

Polis said the order puts Colorado in line with federal guidelines that extended social distancing practices until the end of April. 

“I expect that many districts have made or are making decisions about whether to stay closed for the remainder of the school year,” the governor said, adding that many districts are now utilizing online instruction.

Polis ordered schools statewide to close on March 23. He’s also ordered the closure of ski areas and dine-in service at bars and restaurants.

The state’s data shows that the dine-in service closures have “slightly delayed the peak and slowed the spread,” Polis said on Monday.  

Polis also outlined the state’s efforts getting emergency personal protection health care equipment, saying there's a “supply chain crisis.”

The state has ordered 2.5 million N95 masks, one million surgical masks, 250,000 gowns, 1.5 million gloves, 25,000 face shields and 750 ventilators from Chinese manufacturers.  

Polis said the equipment will be verified before being paid for.