Conservation District Launches Conference to Improve Ag Profitability

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Published Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Kearny County Conservation District, along with dozens of sponsors, is launching a conference to help agricultural producers improve practices and profitability in dry climates.

The Bottom Line Conference for Farmers and Ranchers is intended to be an annual event and will feature experts who will speak to soil health, grazing practices, financial management and more over the course of two days.

Topics include

  • Soil health, function and productivity.
  • Water holding capacity of various soils.
  • Organic matter and water infiltration.
  • Increasing profits by augmenting organic matter.
  • Operation strategies for less inputs and more profits.
  • Holistic farm management and financial planning.
  • Grazing management strategies for better soils,
    livestock productivity, watershed function

The conference will be held August 22-23 at the Kearny County Fairgrounds in Lakin, Kansas. Registration is available at