A Day In The Life

Michelle Wyckoff - Community Columnist
Published Wednesday, September 21, 2016

By Michelle Wyckoff

Sippy Cups.  Described by me as "An integral part of baby raising."   Trudy and I were discussing this very thing last week in the Post Office.  When our kids were babies, sippy cups were pretty primitive.  Just your basic funny looking plastic cups with two handles.  Several different colors, but nothing to write home to Grandma about, except for the fact that they couldn't tip them over.  

Fast forward about 40 years.  Sippy cups are big business now.  Not only are there sippy cups, there are Pura Kiki Stainless Sippy cups for $25.00 with a five star rating from Amazon. There are Zol iBot Straw sippy cups for  $11.97.  Just before they graduate to a sippy glass, there's the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup Stage C for only $8.50, but only four stars.  

When it's time for High School, they graduate from the Sipsters to Sports Bottles.  They have to be exceptional to keep our athletes hydrated.  They range in price from $19 to $ 30.00 or more in price and they look like a million bucks. Very sophisticated. They've now become a fashion statement.   However, there is one small drawback to the more expensive ones.  The higher the price the more difficult they are to open.  Someday there will be a college class to teach you how to open a water bottle. It could become an olympic event.  There will be a museum in the Smithsonian dedicated to water bottles.

Last week Dustin went with Shanna to watch Austin play soccer.  Before they left, she loaded the sports chairs in the back and handed  Dustin an Under Armour water bottle.  They walked out the door and I heard him say "How do you open this thing??"   

May you be living the good life, all you Soccer Moms!