Eads High School First Quarter 2020-21 Honor Roll

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Published Saturday, October 17, 2020


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Allyson Spady 
  • Mollie Kelley 
  • Nicholas Epper

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Colby Stoker 
  • Hatch Nelson 
  • Amber Kopasz 
  • Joseph Haase 
  • Zackary Fowler 
  • Victoria Carey


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Rhealie Rittgers 
  • Levi Johnson
  • Kenneth Ross Brown

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Ty Wilson 
  • Kyra Sheridan 
  • Stacy Schofield


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Piper Sorter 
  • Kylie McKibben
  • Magdalen Haase
  • Samantha Courkamp

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Antonio J Vasquez 
  • Madison McDowell 
  • Taygen Ferris


A Honor Roll (A's Only)

  • Porter Spady 
  • Brentley Lening
  • Breanna Lawrence-Wilson 
  • Rachel Kopasz
  • Katie Johnson

B Honor Roll (A's/B's Only)

  • Bo Arnold

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