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Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Monday, April 18, 2016
Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
by Sharon Scott

By Sharon Scott

Our weather over the weekend had its ups and downs.  The people around Eads had a scary time during the tornado warning and harsh rains.  We're just glad that the damage was minimal.  The rest of the County received some very beneficial moisture.  I hear reports of 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches.  Most of it came really easy and soaked in.  I didn't hear of any damaging hail.  Glad we didn't have the blizzard conditions they experienced along the I 25 corridor and in the mountains.  You never know about these Spring storms.

Susan Greenfield and Ruth Fees attended the baseball game between Holly and Granada on Friday.

Connie Weber came Thursday to help out while her dad, Denis Weber is in the hospital.  Denis, we hope you get to feeling better and get home soon.

The Sheridan Lake Bible Church hosted dinner in honor of the Plainview Senior Class after church on Sunday.  A large crowd was in attendance and as usual, the meal was delicious.

Sunday afternoon, the Stum clan and friends gathered at the home of Linly and Sherell Stum to celebrate birthdays.  Those being honored were:  January-Jen Stum;  March-Chris and Kami Janes, Sean Harkness and Kirbi Stum;  April-Christopher Stum, Jack Light, Ron Healy, and Linly and Sherell Stum;  May-Shay Stum;  June-Tara Stum.

Happy Birthday to all of you!

We were glad to hear that Josh Votruba is home from the hospital and feeling much better.

Cora Coffman and I went to Eads Sunday evening to the movie.

Some info you might like to know about - Plainview graduation will be May 22 at 3p.m. at the school.

Have a great week!!