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Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Monday, May 23, 2016
Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
by Sharon Scott

By Sharon Scott

A large crowd attended the Plainview Athletic and Awards program and the potluck supper on Tuesday evening.  Also, on Thursday, the Community BBQ and Elementary Awards program were well attended. School is out!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.

Plainview graduation of two Seniors, Seth Splitter and Austin Healy and seven Eighth graders was at 3p.m. on Sunday.  A large crowd attended the graduation.  The gym was beautifully decorated and when the lights went out, the black light lit up the balloons and the writing on the back wall.  It was very impressive.  After graduation, most of the graduates and their families gathered at the KA Hall for a meal and visiting.

Having returned from their daughter, Casey's graduation last week, Ron and Lori Healy made plans for their son Austin's High School graduation this weekend.  Family members attending were: Richard and Anna Sweatland and Shirley Buck from MI; Richard, Dana and Ara Sweatland from Pueblo; and Casey Healy from Cheyenne, WY. Congratulations Austin!

David and Dennill Splitter celebrated the High School graduation of their son Seth and the 8th grade graduation of their son Benjamin.  Lots of grandparents; Aunts and Uncles; brothers and sisters; and cousins came from far and near to help Seth and Benjamin celebrate their special day.  Congratulations Seth and Benjamin!

Kyle Scott's parents and sisters came from Winfield, KS for his special day of graduating.  His grandparents, great-grandmother and Aunts and Uncles also came to help him celebrate.

Alex Schmidt's parents, sister; grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and cousins came to help him celebrate his Eighth grade graduation.

Japhet Frey had parents, grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles and cousins attending his Eighth grade graduation.

Kaydence Moser had her parents, sisters, brother and numerous relatives who came to help her celebrate her special day.

Olivia Specht had parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, Aunts and Uncles and lots of cousins who came to help her celebrate Eighth grade graduation

Savanah Stum's parents, grandparents, sister, brother, Aunts and Uncles and several cousins helped her celebrate her graduation from Eighth grade.  Congratulations to all the Graduates!!

That's it for this week  -  have a good one!