East End Events

Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, May 1, 2018
by Sharon Scott

Theresa and Quinton Weber went to Denver over the weekend to be with Jerry. Theresa reported that Jerry seemed to be finally doing better. Keep him in your prayers that he continues to move forward.

Saturday, Amy Schmidt, Barb Wanderlingh and I traveled to Springfield to watch the track team compete. It was a nice warm day and there were lots of teams there.

Congratulations to Larry and Amanda Koeller on the birth of their daughter. Emalee was born April 24 in Lamar.

Susan Greenfield and Jeanie Smith went to Holly Thursday to watch the Holly baseball team play Lamar J.V. Afterwards they went into Lamar for supper. Friday, Susan went back to Holly to watch them play Eads. Holly won both days.

Saturday, Rachel Specht and Freda Schmidt attended a program given by Priscella Schirer, via satellite at the First Christian Church in Lamar.

Monte and Linda Stum visited their daughter Kami Janes and family over the weekend.

Saturday evening, Jennifer Stum hosted a birthday celebration for her son Jerimiah and her husband Chris at their home. Guests were: Linly and Sherell Stum; Jen's parents, brother and grandmother; Lane and Tammy Stum; Jack and Mary Light; and Sean Harkness and children. Happy Birthday Jerimiah and Chris!

Linly and Sherell Stum attended a church meeting in Ness City, Kansas, Sunday.

A large crowd attended the dinner at the Sheridan Lake Bible Church honoring the graduating seniors that attend their church. Those being honored were: Grant Specht, Lydia Splitter, Cameron Martin, Mikayla Abrams, Abigail Berggren, and Zach Haase. Congratulations to the Seniors. Luke Senden, husband of Nicole (Albers) Senden, a former Plainview teacher, was the guest speaker.

The Book Fair will be going on all week at Plainview. A make-up track meet will be Thursday at Holly for the High School.

Have a great week!