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Halloween DUI enforcement starts today

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As the holiday season approaches, The Heat Is On continues to stop impaired drivers. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and local law agencies will team up for the Halloween-heightened DUI enforcement period from October 31 through November 4. The annual Heat Is On Halloween enforcement will include 90 Colorado law enforcement agencies to ensure everyone on the roads gets home safely.

“Last October, 24 people tragically died in Colorado in alcohol-related crashes. Those fatalities accounted for 42 percent of the total fatalities that month,” said Shoshana Lew, executive director of CDOT. “If you choose to drink this Halloween weekend, plan a sober ride ahead of time. Impaired drivers put everyone on the road at risk.”

Last year, The Heat Is On Halloween DUI enforcement resulted in 378 DUI arrests, with the Colorado Springs Police Department (39 arrests), Denver Police Department (30 arrests) and Loveland Police Department (14 arrests) making the most arrests. CSP troops made 77 arrests. 

“There will be more pedestrians out on Halloween evening than usual, so it’s imperative for people who plan to drive do so sober,” said Col. Matthew Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “It’s a matter of personal accountability. There are many alternative options to driving under the influence, including public transportation and ride-hailing services. Remember, consuming even one drink can affect your ability to drive.”

CDOT, CSP and partnering law agencies recently arrested 1526 impaired drivers during the six-week Fall Festivals DUI enforcement period. The Denver Police Department (163 arrests), Colorado Springs Department (139 arrests) and Arvada Police Department (56 arrests) making the most arrests. This is a 19% decrease from the 1,877 arrest during the same enforcement period last year.

Last year, there were 209 passenger vehicle fatalities on Colorado roads involving impaired drivers, accounting for more than one-third of all traffic fatalities in 2018.