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Slim Randles
Slim Randles

“Ain’t the same, is it?” asked Windy. He sipped some more coffee. 

“Know what you mean,” said Doc. “Doesn’t seem right, somehow.”

“Guess we got to, howsomever.”

“Afraid so.”  Doc sipped some coffee too. “But you know, there isn’t a Fourth of July parade that’s worth your life.”

To be honest, the elder folks in our community prolonged the Fourth of July plans until the last minute. I think it’s a sign of our great trust in science, scientists, and our doctors that made us wait so long before shelving the parade this year.

But if you look at it from another angle, it actually brings some more depth to our celebration of our nation’s birthday. At least, that’s Doc’s thinking on it.

This virus, he thought to himself, changed the way all of us live … at least for now.  We’ve had to add words and phrases to our vocabulary. Like “social distancing.” That phrase is almost a joke, as there isn’t much social going on if you’re distancing.

“Whaddya think, Doc?” Windy said. “Will it still be the Fourth of July?”

“Sure thing, Windy,” Doc said. “After all, this stupid virus has put everyone in the country … maybe even in the world … in the same boat. It’s like each of us has an oar and needs to help get us down the river. And before very long you and I won’t have to have this conversation over the phone.”

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