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Home Country – A transformational poem

Slim Randles
Slim Randles  

Just having a cup of coffee with Windy Wilson can sometimes be educational. Today?


Alphonse Wilson here, just celebratin’ a nice day with poetry. 

So you’re prolly askin’ yourself, how do you go about writin’ a poem Windy? See, you just gotta sling yerself into a artistical mood. You know, like them Dutch masters used to do before they died and got made into cigars. You start out kinda easy, and think about lilies and daffodils and leetle fluffy cloudlets that might grow into a storm someday. Then you throw in a look that a puppy gives you … one a-them looks of love like just before he throws up on the rug. That’s how you do it. Then you just get a pencil and a piece of paper and rip ‘n snort.

So here’s my poem today. I call it “Circulational Quandary” by Alphonse Wilson.

I wandered lonely as a heart

That sends my corpuscles through waiting veins

And all the might of pumping blood

Couldn’t hold onto them reins.


Bold rider, never, never canst thou smooch

Lady Fair upon the mouth.

Nay I say to you naysayers

Or just keep ridin’ south


Oh beats my heart with laughing

At corporational cruds,

I right now feel like quaffing

A six pack of good suds


And though you come out bleedin’

And need a tranfusional fix

It sure beats hell out of weedin’

The garden out here in the sticks.

 Well, there it is … do you feel transformnational? Boy howdy I sure do.

Nothin’ like a poem to get a cowboy’s mind right, you know. And you can tell ‘em I said so.

Brought to you by ol’ Windy hisself, on “Home Country with Slim Randles” on a classic country radio station near you.