Tips for planning the perfect fall vacation

Tips for planning the perfect fall vacation
Published Wednesday, September 15, 2021
by kcpnews2

From camping to sightseeing, fall is the perfect time to take a weekend getaway or week-long vacation. There's nothing quite like sipping hot coffee by the fire, embarking on a hike through the changing colors, and cozying up in a tent, RV, or hotel room. If you're planning an autumn trip this year, consider these tips for planning the perfect fall vacation.

Go where the tourists don't go

If you're seeking quiet, research a vacation spot that has minimal tourists. Seaside towns in New England and certain Florida beaches are great places to consider. Of course, you can look for tranquil destinations here in Colorado as well.

Follow the leader

If you don't mind tourists, follow the leading destinations for autumn weather. Just as cliches exist for a reason, so do places that are famous for their fall beauty. For example, you could consider road trips through the Midwest and New England.

Think about travel insurance

Late summer and most of the autumn are when hurricanes can appear in various areas. Weather patterns can also be quite active throughout the country. When booking your trip, this tip for planning the perfect fall vacation is an important one. Consider purchasing travel insurance, especially if you plan your trip earlier in the year. This way, if a hurricane or other storm system impedes your vacation, you'll receive a reimbursement. It may be disappointing to not travel to your first-choice destinations, but you'll have the money to book your trip somewhere else that could end up being just as exciting.

Consider skincare

While many people don't think about their beauty routine while planning a fall vacation, they should consider it! Whether you're staying in a similar climate to home or crossing over into a place that's drier or more humid, it's vital to nourish your skin just as you nourish the rest of your body with food and water.

Consult the locals

The best way to enjoy a location is to do what locals do and eat where locals eat. Yes, tourist traps are fun and serve a purpose. But what's the point of a superficial vacation? Get the most out of your trip by asking a local for their recommendations. They'll recommend where you should go, stay, and dine. If you're vacationing within Colorado, some of your friends might already know some perfect spots to visit that aren't too far away. may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services through links in an article. Prices, when displayed, are accurate at the time of publication but may change over time. Commissions do not influence editorial independence.

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