How commercial drivers stay comfortable on the job

How commercial drivers stay comfortable on the job

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When you drive for a living, you have to take excellent care of yourself. Long hours on the road and continually changing conditions can take a toll on your body if you’re not careful. That’s why making sure your cab is comfortable is a crucial part of finding success as a commercial driver. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you stay in good shape regardless of the career you’ve chosen. However, you can take a few specific measures as a driver to prevent a stressful or painful trucking route. Take care of yourself with this guide to how commercial drivers stay comfortable on the job.

Clean = Comfortable

No matter what your job entails, a clean and organized workspace is important. When you make a living as a commercial driver, the cab of your truck is that workspace. Use storage or organizational tools to keep it free of clutter. Make a habit of keeping trash in a plastic bag so that you can toss it all out whenever you stop. Even simple steps like making your bed every morning or having a designated spot for a coat and gloves will keep your truck looking and feeling nice.

Focus on your posture

“Sit up straight” is an order you’ve likely heard your entire life. While you may have rolled your eyes as a kid, good posture is invaluable as an adult—especially when you spend the entire day sitting down. Poor posture can damage your muscles and joints and lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Simple tricks like keeping your seat in the right position and keeping your feet flat on the floor when not using the brakes or gas will help you maintain good posture. Make sure the back of the seat provides equal pressure across your entire back. Finally, the seat height and angle should allow you to sit with your knees at or below hip level. All these tricks will help you sit with better posture.

Prepare for any condition

Preparation is a fundamental part of how commercial drivers stay comfortable on the job. Do you find yourself feeling bored along your route? Stock your cab with podcasts, audiobooks, or your favorite music to listen to. Are restless nights making your days more stressful? Invest in shades, a white noise machine, a mattress pad, and other tools to help make your sleeping space more comfortable. Consider the weather and driving conditions you’re going to face on the job. Learn how to stay warm along winter routes or how to keep cool during those long summer drives. When you prepare for the road ahead, you can keep yourself safe, comfortable, and happy across every mile.