Kiowa County Commissioners Minutes - January 28, 2016

Kiowa County Courthouse
Published Sunday, February 14, 2016

The regular meeting of the Kiowa County Commissioners was called to order by Chairman, Richard Scott at 9:07 am on January 28, 2016. Commissioner Oswald opened with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Those in attendance were:


                                                Richard Scott, Commissioner

                                                Cindy McLoud, Commissioner

                                                Donald Oswald, Commissioner

                                                Delisa Weeks, County Clerk

                                                Tina Adamson, County Administrator

Members of Audience:

                                                Dennis Pearson, Director of Social Services

                                                Tammi Clark, Prowers/Kiowa County Health Services


Scott moved to suspend signing vouchers to allow Dennis Pearson and Tammi Clark to meet with commissioners. Oswald seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.  


Dennis Pearson Director of Social Services and Tammi Clark with the Prowers/Kiowa County Health Services wanted to confirm with the commissioners that the Collaborative Management Program is going to be run through Kiowa County. The commissioners confirmed that Kiowa County Public Health will be the fiscal agent for the Collaborative Management Program. Kiowa County will receive 16.5 % of the funds for this program for being the fiscal agent. Pearson, Clark and Kris Stokke will draw up an Intergovernmental Agreement for the four counties in this district (Baca, Prowers, Kiowa and Cheyenne).


There will be a coordinator position that will be hired through Kiowa County for the Collaborative Program. This coordinator will be an employee of Kiowa County and will receive Kiowa County benefits. The commissioners expect the employee to live in Kiowa County. The Collaborative team will meet on February 17th to review the IGA that will state what obligations each county in the 15th Judicial District must meet.


Pearson reminded the commissioners there is no county money that has to be matched for this program. These funds are restricted and can be used only for this program.  Pearson and Clark thanked the commissioners for their time and left.


At 10:00 am Teresa Witte with Emergency Management entered the meeting to discuss the Application for the EMPG Grant and to have it reviewed by the Commissioners. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to Approve and sign the 2016 EMPG-LEMS Grant.  All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Witte asked the Commissioners if they would approve for her to attend the Emergency Management Academy. The commissioners all agreed this would be beneficial for Witte.


Oswald moved to approve the January 12th meeting minutes as amended and McLoud seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Oswald moved to approve the vouchers as presented and McLoud seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Mike Crain, Maintenance Foreman for the Courthouse entered the meeting to discuss the heating installation for the 4 bathrooms in the courthouse. The price quote for each bathroom is approximately $800.00 for a total of $3200.00. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to approve the installation of the heating systems for the bathrooms. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


McLoud moved to approve the agenda as amended and Oswald seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative. One addition was made to the agenda in regards to a ballot question.




Administrator Adamson provided information on the COSI Grant. The BOCC requested the funding go toward providing education first for Emergency Services, second to Fire and Law Enforcement and last to General Education. There was one stipulation the commissioners would like to have in return for this funding and that is to provide one year of service in Kiowa County.  Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to approve the COSI Grant and the stipulation being added.  All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


The Jail Diversion update was provided by McLoud. McLoud said there will be a Southeast Mental Health Service Provider in Kiowa County every two weeks.


Railroad updates were discussed. Scott said he had received email from Tom Wilcox interpreting that V & S Railway decided to withdraw its abandonment application and pursue discontinuance authority so they can use the Towner Line for rail car storage. KCVN/CPRR is preparing a feeder line application to this rail line.


Sheridan Lake Water District Public Hearing will be February 16th at the KA HALL in Sheridan Lake, CO.


New Business: Reports were provided, reviewed and signed.  McLoud and Scott reported the charging stations for electric cars will be installed near the Cobblestone Inn. The charging stations were purchased through an S.E.C.E.D. Grant.


Tammi Clark with Prowers/Kiowa County Health Services entered the meeting to review the Colorado Department of Health Core Services Contract. Ms. Clark presented an amendment to the Immunization Core Contract. McLoud moved and Oswald seconded the motion to approve the amended Immunization Core Contract. All voted Affirmative.


McLoud reported on the CDPHE Landfill Meeting.  The State presented information suggesting there should be a regional landfill. Many of the local elected officials want to continue with their own county landfills.


1:05 pm Pricilla Waggoner with the Kiowa County Independent entered the meeting to discuss economic development. Different ideas were discussed as to how and what kind of businesses could come into Kiowa County.


Waggoner asked about the new position the county had created, the Event Planner. Oswald said the plan is to have the fairgrounds be utilized more and possibly bring in some kind of entertainment that would offer people something to do and possibly bring out of town people in and support our local businesses. 


Undersheriff Six entered the meeting at 1:55 pm to give an update on the defensive driving class he and Deputy Swanson will be conducting.  Undersheriff Six questioned the use of the old of emergency managers crown Victoria car.  Commissioners will have Administrator Adamson check with CTSI to make sure all it is okay to use a county vehicle.


Undersheriff Six requested a credit card for the Sheriff's Office Deputy so they could order equipment without using the Undersheriff's card. Commissioners agreed to this.


Time-off Request were reviewed. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded the motion to approve the one request. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Scott moved and Oswald seconded to authorize McLoud to represent the Commissioners vote for the list of nominees to the different CCI Steering Committees. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


The 2016 Federal Priorities List provided by CCI was reviewed. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to accept the six top priorities they chose. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Flight for Life Donation for St. Mary Corwin was discussed. Oswald moved to donate $500 toward the Flight for Life. McLoud seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Oswald moved and Scott seconded the motion to sign the Memorandum of Understanding for KCEDF. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


The T.O.D.S. Resolution was presented and reviewed in regards to Senate Bill 91 with tourist road signage. Scott moved to sign Resolution 2016-1 TODS (Tourist Oriented Directional Signage) Program and Oswald seconded the motion. All Commissioners voted Affirmative. This will be road signage that each local business can purchase through the State of Colorado with the understanding it must fit the criteria requested by the State. There will be an annual fee for the businesses to participate in.


Bill Rothenmeyer, who is the EPA Representative for the Brownfields Grant spoke by phone with the Commissioners in regards to the Rialto Motel. Mr. Rothenmeyer advised the commissioners that there will need to be a second report filed through the State Historical Office. The County will have to hire a qualified historian listed with the State Historical Office to come do an assessment on The Rialto Motel.  This report should state whether the Rialto Motel has any historical significance to the area. Mr. Rothenmeyer did state that EPA had received the initial report and that nothing should be done to the Rialto Motel until the County has fulfilled all state historical preservation requirements. Administrator Adamson will get in contact with the State Historical Office and set up a time they can get this assessment done.


The CML Bill was reviewed. Commissioners asked that a letter would be sent to Larry Crowder and Tim Dore stating they are not in favor of this bill.


Cathryn Anderson, President of the Library Board, confirmed that the two present board members will remain the same. Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to reappoint Tina Meyer and Barbara McCoin to the library board. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Owen McAleer, Grant Program Officer for the Daniel's Fund and Sparky Turner entered the meeting at 4:00 pm to discuss the different kinds of grants the county has received and the funding involved with these grants.


The next Commissioners meeting will be February 10, 2016 at 9:00 am.


Oswald moved and McLoud seconded to adjourn the meeting at 4:40 pm.




_______________________________        _____________________________
Delisa L. Weeks, County Clerk                    Richard Scott, Chairman of Board