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Kiowa County Fire Protection District Board meeting minutes – January 21, 2020


Kiowa County Fire Protection District Board of Directors Meeting January 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Jay Specht, President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Those present at the meeting were:

Jay Specht, President

Terry Riley, Vice President

Teresa Witte, Treasurer

Karen Jones, Secretary to the Board

Also present were District Chief AJ McCracken and AJ Bolin, Eads Department Chief.  Absent Directors were Zach Kopasz and Delton Eikenberg.

The Agenda was considered, and an addition was made under Old Business to include discussion of the volunteer committee for grants.  Terry made a motion to approve the Agenda thus amended, Jay seconded the motion and it was approved.

Minutes from the December meeting were considered, and one change was requested under the Chief Report.  The change would require the first item under this section to read “AJ reported the rear end of Unit 1 could possibly be going out, and he is going to obtain an estimate for repairs.”  Terry made a motion to approve the Minutes as amended, Jay seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

County Chief report by AJ McCracken:

AJ reported that the CoPro bunker gear estimates received for bunker gear show that the cost per set will be $1,984 or a total of $5,953 for 3 sets, including gloves, hood, boots, pants, coat, etc.

A Motion was made by Teresa, second by Terry, to approve the purchase of 3 sets of bunker gear and cleaner (cost $125 and $110), with the gear cost being $5,953.  Motion carried.

AJ discussed consideration of an addition to Standards of Procedure to include requiring firefighters to scrub down with specific procedures to aid decontamination and increase firefighter safety.

AJ discussed his desire to get every member uniforms including pants, badge, brass & nameplates to dress events.  They already have nice shirts.

Motion was made by Teresa, second by Terry, to approve purchase of approximately 20 sets with a ceiling of $1,000.  Motion passed.

The Chief then discussed bids received on the Eads station repairs, and only one bid has been submitted.  This item was postponed until discussion at next meeting.

He also shared that Unit 1 has not been checked out yet.

There was a leak at the Sheridan Lake firehouse that got the carpet wet.  Donny is willing to fix it and AJ will discuss this with Donny.

There was discussion on the need for space heaters for the Sheridan Lake firehouse.  Since the renovations were completed the gas line has not been cleared and the main heater is not available.  Teresa said she will contact Tim Eck from Las Animas and pursue a fix for the gas line, and she would research an inexpensive space heater as well.

Terry shared that the committee for grant research has not met yet, but will meet soon with 3 firefighters, Terry and Zach as members.  

Teresa shared the Election Notice that will be published in the local paper.  Jay, Terry and Delton are up for re-election this year. Karen is the approved DEO, and she has designated Teresa to be a Deputy DEO to act in her absence.

Teresa presented the bills for approval.  Terry made a motion to approve the bills as submitted, Teresa seconded and they were unanimously approved.

Motion was made to adjourn by Teresa, seconded by Terry and all approved, the meeting adjourned at 8:46pm.

Jay Specht, President

Karen Jones, Secretary