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Kiowa County RE-1 Achieves State’s Only 100% Vaccination Rate

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Kiowa County School District RE-1, covering Eads Elementary, Middle and High Schools, is the only district in Colorado to achieve a 100% vaccination rate. Only 14 individual schools in the state achieve the perfect score – with the schools in Eads representing three of the 14.

Required vaccines include Hepatitis B (HepB); diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis/whooping cough (DTaP); Polio; measles, mumps and rubella (MMR); chickenpox (varicella) and Tdap (a booster for DTaP).

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment collected data for more than 850,00 students for the 2016-17 school year from 1,801 kindergarten through grade 12 schools. In previous years, a sample from 350 kindergarten students was used to estimate vaccination rate.

Overall, the department found:

  • 96.3 percent of students were in compliance with school immunization rules.
  • 93.4 percent of students had received all age-appropriate doses.
  • 2.6 percent of students claimed an exemption.
  • 0.3 percent had a plan in place to get immunized.

Exceptions from vaccination rules are granted for religious or medical reasons, or personal reasons determined by a parent or guardian. Nearly 90 percent of the exceptions were for personal reasons.

Statistics for preschools and childcare facilities serving over 100,000 children were largely similar.

Neighboring school districts also scored high, including Cheraw 31 at 96.8%, Cheyenne County RE-5 97%, Crowley County RE-1-J 98.7%, Fowler R4-J 96.1%, Holly RE-3 99.5%, Karval RE-23 99.6%, Lamar RE-2 98.7%, McClave RE-2 97.3%, Springfield RE-4 97.6%, Swink 33 98%, Walsh RE-1 at 97.5, and Wiley RE-13 JT 97.4%. Data was not reported for Kiowa County School District RE-2 (Plainview). Fourteen percent of schools across the state did not report vaccination data.

Individual schools achieving perfect scores, in addition to the Kiowa County Schools, include Florida Pitt Waller ECE-8 School in Denver County 1, Dunstan Middle School in Jefferson County R-1, Altura Elementary School in Adams-Arapahoe 28J, Indian Peaks Elementary School in St. Vrain Valley RE 1J, Karval Elementary School in Karval RE-23, All Souls Catholic School in Englewood 1, Orchard Valley Learning Center – Brandford Early Education in Adams-Arapahoe 28J, Manzanola Elementary School in Manzanola 3J, Ft. Lupton Recreation Center After School Program in Weld County School District RE-8, Cenpatico in Denver County 1 and Victory Preparatory Academy High State Charter School of the Charter School Institute.

Colorado Board of Health rule requires all K-12 schools (public, private and parochial), as well as child care facilities, Head Starts and preschools that enroll 10 or more students, to report vaccination and vaccine exemption data to the department every year. No identifying or personal information about students is collected.